The famous cryptocurrencies are struggling as they have lost a lot of markets. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin crashed, resulting in the loss of billions. The value of this volatile digital currency has fallen 38% in the last 24 hours, as China Banking Association warned banks of the risks that can be faced by them with these investments. Resulting in People and banks pulling their hands from the investment, dropping the price staggeringly down.


Bitcoin has lost 70 billion dollars in market value in the last 24 hours which is a huge number. Bitcoin has been ruling the game since the inception of it, became a highly reliable investment with 1 bitcoin costing up to 50,00,000. But the sad news for the investors of bitcoin is, it’s currently sitting at 28,95,310 which is a downfall of about 22 lakh/220 thousand rupees. This is just bitcoin we are talking about, there are other cryptocurrencies that are taking a hit too.

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Elon Musk recently tweeted about cryptocurrency and it became viral, Dogecoin which he mentioned in his tweet was a meme cryptocurrency, but it rose to heights after this and touched a 56 rupees mark, Musk also replied, “what is dogecoin?” that, “It’s future of currency. It’s an unstoppable financial vehicle that’s going to take over the world.”


How Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Works?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, cryptocurrencies are digital currency that is not associated with any bank or government. They are based on the blockchain concept which uses a person to person encrypted transaction. That enables a user to pay anonymously, the coin is received by the miner who mines that block, verifying a user’s transaction using computing power which rewards the miner with a coin.

These coins can be bought or sold, and since there are a limited number of bitcoin in the blockchain, so the value of each coin goes on increasing as fewer and fewer coins are left. Similarly, when coins are sold, that means there are more and more coins, which results in degradation of the coin value.

But these currencies are yet to be accepted in the overall mainstream market as a currency. Banks and financial institutions allow transactions and deals in bitcoins and cryptocurrency.

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Why did Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin value fell down?

On Wednesday, the Chinese banking association’s website was updated with a warning, that it’s risky to invest in cryptocurrency because they are volatile in nature. Almost all the cryptocurrency players fell down as China and its allies withdrew big chunks of money. This has resulted in a big dip which all of us are seeing in the cryptocurrency market. People might get a heart attack as Bitcoin has dropped most than 45% since April 13.

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Swinging 20,000 dollars every day is normal for Bitcoin but a fluctuation like this is devastating. Ethereum is currently at 1,72,000 rupees dropping from 2 lacs. Ethereum has grown from 14k to 3 lacs in the last 1 year. Just imagine how much an investor would have earned with it. Bitcoin was launched in 2009 by a person or a group using the name Santoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin was quickly adopted by enthusiasts. In 12 years Bitcoin has made a mark in the market and is the leading cryptocurrency.

Can I convert Bitcoin to Cash?

There are many ways to do this. Bitcoin is just a simple currency that can be changed into any form like a dollar is compared to rupees and vice-versa. So just use any cryptocurrency exchange, such as Coinbase. Sell your bitcoin there or any other cryptocurrency and directly transfer the funds to your bank account and use it however you need.

Digital currency is the future of transactions as they are end to end encrypted and most importantly they are encrypted which makes it a much safer version of transferring funds and values. Regulators believe that this dip is temporary as digital currency already has a market value of 1.72 trillion dollars. So, belief in what you have invested in, panicking is going to make everything worse.

Investing in anything has a risk factor attached to it, some experts say they are the hottest commodities right now.

Delhi has been going though a tough a time as there is so much going on here as last week only, it peaked on second wave graph. And this week it Cyclone Tauktae has been pouring northern India with rain for more than 24 hours now. Cyclone tauktae entered Gujarat coast on Monday and since then it has been raining in northern India and Delhi.

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Temperature of northern India has gone down drastically, Delhi has maximum temperature of 22 degrees which is unrealistic as this May we are talking about. Rain is forecasted for 3-4 days, so it could last till Friday as it hit on Monday. Wind speed has been increasing since Monday in Delhi, it shows that the cyclone Tauktae has been coming closer to Delhi.

Indian Meteorological Department said, Delhi recorded a maximum temperature of 23.8 degree Celsius, which is 16 notches dropped from normal and is the lowest in the month of may since 1951, as this cyclone Tauktae has impacted India a lot. You can just get an idea from the fact that Srinagar recorded a max temperature of 25.8 degree Celcius.

This rain has has been affecting Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. This is because of the interaction between the remnant of cyclonic storm “Tauktae” and western disturbances, said IMD.

Kuldeep Srivastava, head of IMD’s regional forecasting centre said, “Today, Safdarjung recorded a maximum temperature of 23.8 degrees Celsius. This is the lowest maximum temperature since 1951”.

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As a result of all this chaos, an orange-coloured warning has been issued by the department as wind speed could go to 60km/h. This rain means, it would cause waterlogging in low-lying areas, necessary travel will be disrupted. Lockdown has resulted in a very clean atmosphere, Delhi recorded ‘satisfactory’ rating in air quality index.

People who are already affected by coronavirus are crying as this rain would mean even more disruption for people. But the brighter side is, it will encourage a lot of people as rain brings fresh air and a brighter aroma in the month of May which is probably the hottest month of them all. A lot of people have been shifting houses and moving from place to place, and that is a problem especially for people who live in low-lying areas.

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Apart from all this Cyclone Tauktae in India has come at a time when farmers need it the most. It would be a relief for the small farmer who relies on other sources of water. Nature is actually recovering, we should analyse our faults as we are destroying the most beautiful thing we have.

Preserve it and do what you can to protect it.

Here is how you can locate your nearest Covid-19 vaccine near you using just WhatsApp in India.

In this pandemic, everyone has gone from waiting for the vaccine to getting the first shot. We will help you locate the nearest Covid-19 vaccine centre near you using just WhatsApp in India. If you have been trying to get some assistance, you are in a safe place.

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WhatsApp has recently launched a chatbot feature that will help you with the required assistance. This chatbot has been an innovative way to help and contribute to society. This is developed in collaboration between helplines and stakeholders.

The Indian government has announced through the MyGovIndia Twitter handle that they introduced a new chatbot feature via a tweet and askes its beneficiaries to type ‘Namaste’ to 9013151515 on Whatsapp.

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“Find your nearest vaccination centre right here, through the MyGov Corona Helpdesk Chatbot! Simply type ‘Namaste’ at 9013151515 on WhatsApp or visit Prepare, don’t panic!” stated the tweet.


You will be greeted with an automated message which would contain relevant emergency contacts and a link to your Arogya Setu app. Next, you have to select ‘option1’. It would take a minute for the system to start-up, just stay patient while it performs its thing. You will be then taken to the home page of WhatsApp

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This helpline is available in Hindi and English which can be easily changed through settings. This also has a feature that contains a link that will take you to vaccine registration on the Cowin website. All who are above 18 are allowed to register now.


Book your slot as this is the only way we can fight corona in the long run. India has faced a lot of problems recently, with the rising number of cases and less oxygen supply, everyone struggled. But we are still fighting that is our human spirit and the will to go on and beyond what we have achieved to date as a species.

During this lockdown everyone has lost something, some gained as well. But the biggest loss to the world has been the delayed and improper education of children online. Especially in India, we hear a lot of news around that no strict exams are being conducted, which is a loss not only for the student but for the country too. CBSE board exams 2021 are a matter of debate currently, govt can’t decide what they should do while students as modiji for cancellation. #modiji_cancel12thboards

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Many such tweets are trending currently in India, students and parents are requesting CBSE to cancel board exams as there is an active wave of covid-19. The Central Board of Secondary Education and the union government are being bombarded by the requests and grievances.

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This is strange as we see, it has two sides to it. We should not delay education as we have the internet to process but since we aren’t able to match the standards we are switching to old methods. I think the system lacks here big time, we can’t emphasise enough the fact that yes there is a pandemic going on but you still have all the equipment to work with. Conducting exams offline is a task itself during this pandemic.

But there are other families as well who are concerned and occupied with their family possibly a medical emergency which is as we know is happening a lot around us these days. It is hinted that an announcement on this topic can be made by the end of May. It would be a spectacle to see what decision govt and CBSE takes regarding this.

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Exams have already been postponed as they were scheduled for April as coronavirus spread rapidly at that time in India. Students are worried because these exams would affect their college admissions as well and that is a very big step in a student’s life.


No official announcement has been made yet, but Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has made an announcement that student will receive a prior 15-day notice before the commencement of exams. This is not very good announcement as this notice could come very late is it is hectic job for a student to stay in that exam environment. The mind needs refreshment to stay stable. And since its covid outside, the life of students has reduced to houses only.

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It has been a long journey for everyone, yes you’re the one reading it as well. But we should think of our successors what they will benefit from. CBSE board exams may not get cancelled or may get cancelled but you have to stay safe and healthy where ever you are.

New Delhi: It has been a very long journey since March 2020, we are yet to win against Covid-19. Delhi and India are experiencing their second wave of covid-19, the fatality rate in India are less than in other countries but every life matters. Delhi has been continuously getting 10K plus cases since April 10, 2021. The good news is, today on 15 May, the number of cases went down as Delhi recorded 8,506 new cases of Covid-19.

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Delhi is currently under lockdown which is almost 4 weeks mature. Oxygen emergencies are starting to get responses from suppliers as the number of suppliers has increased because this is what you should be selling in these times. All ICUs still remain full, only a few available, but this news has come as a hope for healthcare infrastructure for National Capital Region.

The city’s test positivity rate has dropped down to 12.4%, which is the lowest since April. This could mean, we are going down on the curve. It is expected that India will experience the third wave in July or August.

“Delhi has recorded fewer than 10,000 cases in the last 24 hours. This has been possible only due to a strict lockdown and the discipline of the people in Delhi. For now, we must remember not to let our guard down,” said the honourable Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr Arvid Kejriwal. No comments were made on the extension of lockdown that is ending on May 17, but it is evident that it might extend.


Find out how coronavirus attack us? And what is coronavirus?

Arvid Kejriwal made a statement that, in the past 10 days, 3000 beds have been freed, ICUs are still maxed on capacity. Average cases daily cases are dropping that’s what today’s numbers show.

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There are still, 71,794 active cases in India which were preceded by almost 1,00,000 active cases. The number peaked at 99,752 on April 28, this is the highest number of recorded active cases in Delhi. The country faced a huge problem as there wasn’t enough oxygen available and no bed for patients. Basically, we struggled to provide the necessities.

India currently has more than 10 lacs of active cases with total deaths crossing the 2,66,220 mark on Friday. The population of our metropolitans is also a big concern for the government as they can hold millions and billions of people with just a police force of thousands. Still, India is managing and recovering strong, the pharmacy of the world bleed during this lockdown, yet standing strong.

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The government has added that they will focus on strengthening its own system than creating makeshift facilities to help our whole population as we are only going to grow larger in number. Experts suggest that the vaccination program isn’t conducted as efficiently as possible, people from Delhi have to wait for months to get a shot. Delhi as a whole also faced a shortage of doses as the AAP party blames BJP for this.

The capital has delivered 4.4 million doses to date, with 1 million people receiving both doses. The government should focus on vaccination strategies as the current ones are not helping very much.

“The people who have had an infection now are more or less protected from a second one for now. So, we should target those who haven’t had an infection and immunise them first,” said, Dr Jugal Kishore, head of the department of community medicine at Safdarjung Hospital.

Vaccination on a mass level can save our country and this world, other than that there no other option for us as this virus will keep mutating and keep infecting us. So stay home and stay safe until you are safe.

PUBG mobile India has officially announced that pre-registration will start on May 18. The wait for youngsters is finally over as there were other games in the market but none of them could capture market share like PUBG did. But there are some changes to it, its official name is BattleGrounds Mobile India developed by Krafton and is a dub of the original global version.

A teaser was launched on teaser a few weeks back, which said BattleGrounds Mobile India coming soon. It indicated and resulted in an official Facebook page, Youtube channel, An official website. All the link are down below. It became viral within hours of its launch, this meant a high number of sales are expected of this game.

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PUBG mobile was banned in India back in September of 2020. The government of India banned 117 apps along with PUBG mobile which was a huge announcement as schools, college was closed because of covid. This resulted in huge population engagement in various mobile apps and PUBG was among the dominators.

Since then we have missed our beloved PUBG mobile, long session with the charger plugged in. From all the glitches which made it exciting and will make you scream, from enemies ahead to I got supplies we all experienced the taste of PUBG mobile. As the intro video says, “Are you read?”, I know I am.

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Apart from the announcement of the pre-registration date, The company Krafton announced “ there will be specific rewards available for fans to claim, only if they pre-register the game. These rewards would be specific to Indian players only.”


How to do pre-registration of PUBG mobile?

To avail the pre-registration the user needs to go to the google play store and search for PUBG India, then click on the button, “Pre-Register”. A reward is going to be a big boost to sale as who doesn’t want goodies and skin. PUBG weapon skins have been amazing, M4 Glacier skin was something every PUBG player wished for.

PUBG Mobile India starts pre-registration on May 18

Meanwhile, there are many scam websites that are trying to attract an audience and make something out of it for themselves. Trying to APK of a game that isn’t launched yet. So look before you click a button.

To clear everything, the official date of launch is not announced by the officials, only the pre-registration date of PUBG mobile India has been announced. But it is very likely that we see this game in our phones loading by June end.

In conclusion, The game looks promising, we are still waiting to see some actual gameplay. But we are ready to jump off the plane on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi.

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Topic: US redeems Xiaomi off the Blacklist, Agreement made

US government allowed Xiaomi back into its market after an agreement between the two parties. On May 13th American government removed Xiaomi from its blacklist. Under the Trump administration, Xiaomi was blacklisted, as it was claimed that Xiaomi had Chinese military ties.

This news was covered extensively, and here is the Biden administration easing and giving china some air to breathe. Keeping all aside, both parties have made a settlement and now we will be noticing Xiaomi phones back in US markets.


In the US courtroom hearing, it was said that “both parties have agreed upon a path forward that would resolve this litigation without the need for contested briefing.”. Xiaomi now is the third-largest smartphone maker after Samsung and Apple. And China is the biggest buyer of Apple iPhones outside America. The court ruled out that the ban on Xiaomi should be lifted as there was no solid evidence presented by the Department of Defence.

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This shift of results has given this a new direction, US-China war has a new turn. Back in January when the Trump administration blacklisted Xiaomi, the company dragged the US department to court. “The Company has been in compliance with the law and operating in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of jurisdictions where it conducts its businesses.

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The Company reiterates that it provides products and services for civilian and commercial use. The Company confirms that it is not owned, controlled or affiliated with the Chinese military, and is not a “Communist Chinese Military Company” defined under the NDAA. The Company will take the appropriate course of actions to protect the interests of the Company and its shareholders.”, said Xiaomi at that time.

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Xiaomi has become a leading mobile manufacturer in the US, India and Europe. This gives Xiaomi a big edge over a lot of its competition as they are sitting very well at their slot. This declaration would mean a huge market like the US will be open for them to cash on.

It would be exciting to see how Xiaomi makes a re-entry in the US. This news has given rise 6% to Xiaomi in Hong Kong on 12th May.  The settlement would be finalised on the proposed date, which is May 20th.

A movie that looked similar to previous Salman Khan movies is like a lockdown on Eid. You wish to go out of the theatres but you aren’t allowed to. It seems there is nothing much left for movie creator to do as they are producing a series which isn’t contributing to anything.

Radhe: Your most wanted bhai is based on a character which was enjoyed by the audience in 2009 in “Wanted”, but this formula has been presented with a different name in every movie. It looks more like Salman Khan only know how to cook biryani and nothing else.

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Salman Khan is obviously in the main role, then Disha Patani as his counterpart, barely a counterpart. Along with them Jackie Shroff and Sudhanshu Pandey makes a good outing but could be utilized well I believe. Randeep Hooda has played the villain and he has done a good job in capturing the attention of the audience as he effortlessly goes through various emotions, but his movie choices should be questioned.

Prabhu Deva and Salman Khan came together, thought they would produce a good watch like Wanted but couldn’t really pull of the way they would have hoped for.

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Radhe is a movie about Mumbai’s drug-peddling turf. When a new boss of the town Rana Played by Randeep Hooda, a disgraced policeman (Obviously Radhe) burst a deadly racket which sets up the base for further scenarios to occur. Radhe decides to fight crime and in doing so non-realistic and illogical stunts are done to make the movie tick mark bullet points, action, hot actress, a Salman Khan, add a good actor opposite Salman Khan, item songs. This is basically the plot of the movie but without a story.

There is a scene in which Disha and Salman Khan aka Radhe are sitting together, Disha stands up and performs a seductive dance for Radhe. What do you think happens next? This moment describes every audience member’s reaction as Salman Khan sleep and snorts when Disha comes close to him. I mean Stop it already.

A movie which is 2 hours and 33 minutes long, it took an eternity to walk past that interval. Bollywood really needs to focus on what they have to do in the longer run, as these big-budget movies aren’t what they should be. Or maybe Salman Khan is happy on his farm. But seriously, Hindi cinema has been doing blunders and wonders simultaneously.

Music by Devi Shri Prasad, Sanchit Balhara, Ankit Balhara.

I had to skip through most of the music as it wasn’t good enough to employee my time. Music wasn’t the worst part of the movie though and it’s certainly not the best, that title goes to the choreographer who thought of such dance moves.

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I would give Radhe: Your most wanted bhai a 1 out of 5 stars, and that star is for the hope that we might see something fresh next time from this team. While Radhe disappointed and wasn’t a worthy film made on such a huge budget. A Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Atul Agnihotri produced blunder is a remake of the Korean film The Outlaws released in 2017. Hope you are saved by this Article.

We all read books, some beg to differ. So, what is a book actually? & Which 8 books you must read?

To be part of the story you read in your mind with your creative building gives you a surreal experience. A book gives to its owner whenever he/she wants it. Books have been in our for thousands of years, to be a part of this history we only thank book, that holds this information for ages to read and learn.

No one can read all of them, but one can achieve something is a very few. If you know what to read, the toughest part is over as a good book or should I say amazing books just grasp your attention from the first page itself. Every book has its own journey and a lesson to convey to its audience, sometimes a dream.

We a group here at The Flash update decided to come up with a must-read book collection for your comfort.

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A must-read book, it will take you on a journey of self-exploration and would help you “find your flow”. It talks about the purpose a man should possess to make change and growth, with ways to manifest it in your lifestyle.

8 books you must read

Los Angeles Times bestseller discusses many Japanese concepts like Takumi and Moai. It is a very well written modern-day psychology with application. A short read which would lead you to happiness in life through simple and meaningful living.

Number of pages: 208

The Great Indian Conspiracy

A real story about world conspiracies surrounding terrorism and saffron terrorism by Praveen Tiwari. This book bursts the myth of saffron terrorism and conspiracy of politicians for the sake of political growth. It is well-investigated and extensively detailed for a political mystery lover.

8 books you must read


The book amplifies the Hindu terror construct by the UPA government. It is a very good read for people who are interested in a non-bias opinion on these topics.

A decent read with 292 pages which isn’t a challenge as Praveen Tiwari excels and produces a must-read.

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Shiva trilogy

A story about Meluha, by Amish Tripathi, portrays Shiva the fabled saviour of the tribe and their culture. This is an unbelievable piece written with simplicity and has shown Shiva a mere human who excels in his skills and intelligence, using it, he leads his way to become The Mahadev.

8 books you must read

It is a three-book series that captures the geography of Indus valley civilization incorporated quite smoothly into the story. It has comedy, passion, rage, emotions and a soul to connect with its the reader. It is highly recommended.

The art of war

A book which is was published in the 5th century BC, written by Sun Tzu. A lesson in itself, this book shows how a commander should lead and make a valuable contribution against an enemy. It is a Chinese book written to master the art of war.

Number of pages: 252

8 books you must read

It gives its reader a perspective of a leader, how he should think, analyze, strategize, act and lead. It is useful in personal life as well as the author highlights how a mam should conduct his life with the most efficiency.

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A masterpiece that will make you see and feel the situation of the pages. A new approach to writing with the bold decision made by the author to let freedom be seen in a new way. It is a dystopian based novel presenting the troubles of life in a very gritty manner.

8 books you must read

It is a decent read with 310 pages long story except for the formalities.

“Under the spreading Chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me”-1984 by George Orwell, writing is soulful and mesmerizing to observe.

The girl who knew too much

A brilliant romantic tale by a talented author Vikrant Khanna. Bollywood has some effect on this book but it fits perfectly to meet its reader and take them to a journey which you will surely remember. Just a heads up though, it not very mysterious as a project on The Lord of the rings

8 books you must read

The story revolves in a smooth manner with emotions ranging from suspense to love, then to guilt, pleasure and hope to follow it all. A beautiful crafter narration to top it all off, a bestseller is a good tale packed in 224 pages.

The lord of the rings

I believe this has to be in every top 10, a mind-blowing tale of hobbits and magic by J.R.R. Tolkien. A story so well crafted and stitched together, it makes it such an effortless read. You’ll go through it so fast and will be hooked to it.

“One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” – The Lord of the rings

8 books you must read

It’s a long read with 1728 pages of gold but an effortless one. The books are so well bound and leatherette! It’s extremely beautiful. We recommend you to go for this must-read thriller. There is a movie trilogy of this series, you can go for that as well.

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Little women

A story about sisters and their family, how they go through dramatic problems which makes the story run in so many directions but still staying true to its soul. A story of a writer, it’s not easy to be a good writer. A must-read for anyone who is looking to explore subtle story narration by the author Louisa May Alcott

8 books you must read

Heartbreak, hope, aggression, heartwarming, many such emotions you will experience through this book. A 552 pages long tale of Christmas.

Buy now:

Topic: 5G trials approved in India

India is a country of massive population, to fulfill its needs it consumes a lot as it is one of the biggest markets in the world for every type of product. When it comes to internet consumption in India, average data consumed per user per month was at 13,462 megabytes as of 2020. 


As many countries have already shifted to the 5G spectrum, India is still trying to make a solid move in the market as it could mean more business and better human development. The Department of Telecom approved telecom companies  like Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and MTNL on tuesday to conduct 5G trails.


China has been keeping India on the edge with many companies eying India as a huge market for its 5G equipment installation. But india has opted for different makers of telcom gear for 5G, which are Nokia, Samsung, C-DOT and Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio is a big entry in this market as it is the fastest growing network company in the world. 

These telecom companies have be given allowance to conduct trials in various bandwidths including the mid-band (#.2 GHz to 3.67 GHz), millimeter wave band (24.25 GHz to 28.5 GHz) and sub-GHz band(700 GHz). Companies are allowed to use existing spectrum to carry out these 5G trails. 

To this DoT said the duration of these 5G trails  will be for 6 months which includes 2 months for procurement of the equipment through approved sources. 

What is a 5G network?

It is a much faster generation of network spectrum using high bandwidth to enable more reliable connection and will connect every object that can digitally connect to a network. It is a much more capable version of the network of what you currently own with high speeds reaching multiple GBs of data. A amazing 100x increase in traffic capacity, low latency to deliver more immediate access. 

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What is the downside of a 5G network?

Only downside to this network is it would require expensive equipment installation to enable these top speeds, which would be beneficial for the office going millennials and would evidently end up making our economy a better one. 

This infrastructure should be environment friendly so that as humans we don’t spoil nature which is a huge concern as the world is going through a temperature shift. 

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Can 5G track you?

Increasing the bandwidth means you end up with a better connectivity and a much more secure network which is a new generation gift. If you are connected to an optical fibre, then you are safe and a secure connection as a result. 

Who invented 5G?

No company owns a 5G network, it is developed by multiple companies. Many companies have invested millions to make this dream a possibility. India is still installing 5G networks while China has 6G going live as a network in society. Huawei is a big player in the chinese market which was banned by India and many other big countries.

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What is the 5G frequency?

 5G networks are using high bandwidths which means high frequencies leading to about 39GHz. 4G networks only worked on MHz, that is alone a big step to reach better heights. 

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How much will 5G cost?

Jio has been providing 5G networks at under 500 INR, which is a huge improvement for the public. In western countries as well, the cost for these networks is 30$ a month. Many big players are also involved in the market to capture the biggest chunk to make some big bucks. 

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As we go ahead in the future with all the covid around, human beings have reached heights to make amazing information transmitting devices. With thousands of citizens shifting to better networks as society earns more and more from the market. Future is here already with electric cars and 5G networks everywhere.