How to spoon-feed a baby?

how to spoon-feed a baby?
how to spoon-feed a baby?

How to spoon-feed a baby? In their first year, babies go through many changes and get to do new things almost every day. The passage from the bottle or the breast to the spoon is an important step for the child and for the mother, who can gradually begin to give solid and more varied food to her child. From 6-7 months babies can already begin to assimilate the nutrients of other foods beyond breast milk or powder. That depends on the child, but that is usually the ideal time.

Today we bring you the steps that you must follow if you want your little ones to start eating with a spoon.

Learn how to spoon-feed a baby?

1. Buy a specific spoon

It is important to use a flexible silicone spoon that you can easily find in parapharmacies and pharmacies. This type of spoon will help you to adapt to the movements that the child makes with his mouth and will also be delicate with his little mouth.

2. Get her familiar with it

Put the spoon near the toys, or give it to her to touch and put in her mouth. This way, when you start feeding him with it, it will no longer seem like a foreign object.

3. Introduce food gradually

Before starting with the porridge, try to give your baby a little of the milk that you usually give him with a spoon. You can perhaps add some baby cereals to make the texture more solid.

In this way, although the way of taking this food is different, the taste will be the same as always and there is a better chance that baby will not reject it.

4. Respect their faces

If you see that he rejects the spoon or some new food that you have tried to introduce, such as a fruit porridge… Be patient. Continue with the breast or bottle and wait a while until you try again. Next week maybe more luck.

5. Little by little

If he decides to eat with a spoon, start with sweet foods like those with fruit… since breast milk is sweet and that is a taste that they will be familiar with. Put a small amount on the spoon, bring it closer to the mouth and wait for him/herself to get closer to taste the content and flavor of the food little by little. As he accepts it, you can fill the spoon.

6. Offer him quality food

In the market there are many baby food jars and ready-made baby food. It is a good option, but you can also create your own porridge at home. It is enough to have a good kitchen robot. You can mix ripe and sweet fruits like apples or bananas. If you want to start with salty foods such as meat and vegetable purees, keep in mind that a baby will not need more than 30-40 grams of meat or fish; Be very careful with salt as it should not be added to homemade purees and don’t be afraid to add olive oil to the mix as babies are used to the good fats in breast milk.

7. Give him autonomy

As the months go by, the child can learn to eat alone with a spoon. Give him guidelines when you see that he is not doing well, but let him experiment and if he is hungry, he will be able to eat well with a spoon.

This is how to spoon-feed a baby, please share it with moms…

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