Hand sanitisers can damage children’s eyes, research claims

Hand sanitisers can damage children's eyes, research claims

Hand sanitisers can damage children’s eyes

A research claims, the Hand sanitisers can damage children’s eyes… The epidemic has taken heavy losses on all of us. Identification of the attack at an immature stage is necessary to control the expanse of the virus because it very quickly spreads from person to person. Besides inflaming a state of panic and chaos, the virus also disturbed the order of our daily lives.

With the attack of the deadly virus, people have continued to take all the precautionary actions necessary to dominate the spread of the virus. Disinfectants, Masks and hand sanitisers have converted into a part of our day to day life.

But while it may be required to comply with these COVID-19 steps, it is also necessary to pay attention to the problems and fitness issues it can cause to our kids. Recent research found those hand sanitisers can harm and hurt children’s eyes.

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What does the study say?

As per the new study declared on January 21 in JAMA Ophthalmology, the unnecessary or extreme use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers in the pandemic has grown serious problems of eye injuries amongst kids.
And, the data presented by the French Poison Control Center declared that eye injuries produced due to harmful chemicals in children under the age of 18 were seven times more than those who suffered from the same in the previous year.
The study reported, “In 2019, hand sanitiser considered for just 1.3 per cent of all chemical eye exposure occurrences in the pediatric database. That number was up to 9.9 per cent, by the end of 2020. Just one toddler in France needed hospitalization for sanitiser in his eyes in 2019. But iIn 2020, 16 kids were hospitalized for before-mentioned chemical exposure.”

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Ways to protect your child? | Hand sanitisers can damage children’s eyes!

While hand sanitisers is an essential thing to tackle SARs-COV-2. It can affect your kid’s health negatively. Although the use of hand sanitisers must proceed, while it is one of the single ways to hold the spread of the virus. As a parent you need to try and reduce its harmful impact on our kid’s health. Here are some actions you can take regarding this:

If your kid is very growing and little, make sure you provide them hand sanitisers yourself.
Make sure they sanitise their hands in front of you.
At public places, with automated hand sanitizing machines, make sure your kids practice them in your direction.
Try and make your kid choose to handwash over hand sanitizing, whenever the previous option is convenient.
If your child is suffering from weak eyesight, tell them to wear glasses, as it can limit the exposure of chemicals to the eyes.

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Some other common precautions while using Hand Sanitisers

  • Keep hand sanitisers away from small children.
  • Store sanitisers in a proper bottle
  • Keep sanitiser containers away from the kitchen
  • Never apply sanitiser while cooking in the kitchen
  • Avoid using sanitisers at home, prefer to wash your hands with soap.
  • Apply sanitiser only in a state of emergency
  • Only use the sanitisers, when you are out of the access to soap and water
  • Make sure sanitiser dries completely after use.
  • Use soap and water before entering your kitchen.
  • Somebody who cooks is advised to clean hands before cooking.

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