FAU-G Review: Good Graphics but Boring Gameplay

FAU-G Review Good Graphics but Boring Gameplay

FAU-G Review

FAU-G is one of India’s most utmost hyped up games, and for good reason. This Made-in-India game revolves around real-life events. It highlights an in-game store to buy merchandise and contribute to the Indian Army. When FAU-G launched on India’s 72nd Republic Day, we chose to play it for quite some time. Let’s dive into our FAU-G Review.

Gameplay: FAU-G Review

FAU-G is a close-combat game. Most of the attacking moves are fist punches and kicks and attack handcrafted weapons. This directly sets it apart from PUBG, which have a larger stress on shooting.

In this post, we will discuss the single-player campaign mode, the only mode that is ready to play. Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch are modes, which would come soon.

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During gameplay, you follow a path from checkpoint to checkpoint plus you have to deal with enemies who get in your way. You can control three things – movement, strike and defend. There is no weapons you can throw and no jumping.

Certain checkpoints feature campfires where you can sit to regain lost health. One difficulty presented in following levels is fighting with multiple enemies. After the first few missions, enemies will infrequently begin attacking together rather than waiting for their turn. The only other difficulty is a timer on the top right bar. You must keep a watch on it. The mission will automatically fail and continue from the last checkpoint if you fail to finish your task according to the timer.

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Combat and weapons: FAU-G Review

Weapons that you receive after beating enemies will last for only a few hits. While this is challenging, that weapons have only a few strikes left and cannot be replaced with new weapons. Instead, players have to use up the remaining strikes, and then come back to pick up a new weapon. This was also time-consuming.

Similar to many other games, picking up new weapons is as simple as walking above them. However, picking up new weapons or switching from fist to weapons and vice versa during combat was next to impossible. In addition, changing enemies you are striking during combat with analogue control is very hard. Player often appears to punch and strike the only nearest enemy.

Enemies glow red for a second before they strike. You can strike red glowed first to nullify their energy. This makes the ‘defend’ button unusable in most maximum cases.

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After hours inside the game, you will notice yourself struggling with exactly similar opponents in a similar territory using identical tactics and fighting styles.

Players will hear some motivational lines like “Apne bhaiyo ko bachana mera farz hai,” which are fine in the beginning but begin to feel worthless soon after.

The graphics of the game are impressive. We played the game in the highest practicable graphic settings, in our Mobile Device. Unlike the gameplay, the graphics truly make you feel like you’re performing on a smooth and polished ground.

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In-game store

FAU-G also offers an in-game store. Fans can buy merchandise here. 20% of what you pay here for merchandise, goes to the Bharat Ke Veer foundation. We should soon see more extra merchandise in the store with more gameplay modes.

Our Opinion: FAU-G Review

FAU-G is Great at graphics and fluidity, its poor combat implementation and unchanging gameplay style, let it down. The game often considered incomplete, repetitive and boring. We would strongly say that FAU-G game needs extra focus on actual combat.

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