Signal requires these main features to woo WhatsApp users

Signal requires these main features to woo WhatsApp users

What main features Signal requires to woo WhatsApp users? The signal is now a new major competitor for Whatsapp many users are switching to Signal. The great reason behind this is, the signal is more focused on user privacy. But it lacks some of the features, that you can easily enjoy on WhatsApp, and we wish that these features will also available on the signal platform soon.

Main features Signal requires to woo WhatsApp users

Everyone knows that WhatsApp is a top messaging app globally. As it offers a very simple and add-free user interface with multiple features. But many users have decided it is a time to stop using WhatsApp in the enlightenment of the new privacy policy of WA and switch to Signal. While it is excellent to see most of the WhatsApp features free to use on Signal, but there are a few important ones that we are missing having on it. Here is a list of those WhatsApp features, we wish will be available on Signal.

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Live Location

Live Location is the feature of WhatsApp offers to its users. Whereas you get an option to send location on Signal, but users can’t share there live locations.

Media settings

You will not find any media settings for every chat on Signal, unlike WhatsApp. On signal, this is a default setting that all your photos or videos will not be downloaded in your mobile storage unless you manually download them.

Last seen

Most of the users love this feature, especially in India. But “Last Seen” is missing on Signal.

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Profile picture

The signal doesn’t facilitate us with any feature to control who all can view your profile picture. Those who are in your contact list or part of any groups you trust and accept can only see your profile picture on Signal.

Chat Wallpapers

There is no feature or option to change chat wallpaper on the signal. WhatsApp enables you to personalise chats by replacing wallpaper, which advances a chat look more attractive.

What you think about Signal and WhatsApp, feel free to share your views in the comment section.


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