Google Web Search now has dark mode feature: How to enable?

Dark mode Extension no longer required Google had released dark mode feature know how to enable in your browser


After many requests, Google’s desktop Search finally received the Google dark mode. It will help people discover answers to queries on dimmer websites. After being in beta since February, the feature is now official. It was, however, originally discovered in December of last year.

Desktop users have begun to get the update, while it is projected to reach all users in the following several weeks. This is what you need.

How to get Google Search dark mode on desktop?

The dark style will be applied to the Google homepage, search results page, and Search settings, as well as other Google applications, according to a Google support website. Therefore, Google’s search engine will seem dark grayish-black.

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“I’m pleased to report that beginning today and rolling out over the coming several weeks, Dark theme is now accessible for Google Search pages on desktop,” said Hung F., the company’s product support manager. Thank you for your valuable input on this topic. You told us you want to see this feature, and here it is!

Individuals have three choices to select from: dark, bright, and the default on their gadget. If you choose this option, the new default settings will change to match your laptop or computer. You may proceed with the following steps to enable this feature.

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Steps: How to get Google dark mode

The first step is to search for Google Search in any browser.

After finding the Settings button in the upper right corner, you will see: Do this: tap it.


Move on to the Appearance option and tap on the Search Settings option.

google-search-dark mode

Next, choose out your preferred option and tap Save to finish.

We have tested this and are able to enable the dark theme available. You may also quickly enable the dark theme with a simple toggle in the Settings. Google+ originally discovered this by 9To5Google.

Whether you are considering this, Google Search can help you enable out if you can do this.

How to check if you’re in Dark mode or Incognito mode

  1. Open Chrome.

if you want to open incognito in with shortcut key on google chrome kindly hold CTRL+SHIF+N Instantly one blank new window will be appear on your window.where you can brows in private and check you google dark mode in private window as well.

for manual method to open incognito window go-to to right side profile area and there or three vertical dots click on the dots to appear function bar them check from top to three New Incognito Window option press on that you will get private browser window on your google Chrome for more guide check the below mention image


for more information visit google official website