How to Boost battery life of Android smartphone?

How to Boost battery life of Android smartphone?
How to Boost battery life of Android smartphone?

Hello Visitor, today here we are going to reveal 5 useful tips to boost battery life of your Android smartphone.

Experiencing poor battery life! But aren’t ready to upgrade your Android smartphone yet, check out these five basic tips from our how-to guide.

Here is how to boost battery power on smartphones:

1) Control your screen brightness

One of the most basic tips that will boost your daily battery life is “Take control of your screen brightness“. Yes, the biggest culprit responsible for the quick battery drainage on Android phones is the screen.

We recommend you set the brightness to change automatically. The auto-brightness mode on Android Pie (9.0) and above keep the brightness a little lower to save your battery.

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2) Turn on battery optimization

The next thing you should do to extend your battery life is to ensure that Adaptive Battery or Battery Optimisation is turned on. This is used to block all battery-intensive tasks running in the background. All thanks to Google, ever since Android Marshmallow (6.0) the company has been figuring techniques for android users to make their better control over battery life.

3) Reduce your screen timeout to Boost battery life of Android smartphone

In general, smartphones are set to turn off screen after one or two minutes. Do you know? Reducing your screen timeout to 30 seconds will definitely help you to save more battery.

Tip to save additional battery life: Restrict apps with high battery usage from running in the background.

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4) Disable auto-sync for unused accounts from your smartphone

Multiple accounts on smartphones can quickly drain a lot of battery life as each account syncs data automatically from the internet, including, photos, email, contacts and more. Disabling auto-sync for unused accounts will help to increase your battery power. As an alternative, you can also delete these accounts if you feel that you have not used any of them for a long time.

5) Stop using battery saver apps

Stay away from bogus apps that promise a ‘snake oil’ solution, they don’t actually save any battery life. Many of these apps kills all your background apps and says that your “Battery life is extended”. But the truth is, all those applications will simply get woken up again and will use even more power in the process.

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