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Storm Dorian: upwards of 13,000 houses seriously harmed or decimated in Bahamas


Storm Dorian: upwards of 13,000 houses seriously harmed or decimated in Bahamas

Organization for Health Care Administration Secretary Mary Mayhew told journalists that solitary four of the long haul care offices were emptied in light of the fact that they didn’t have crisis generators and access to reinforcement control as legally necessary.

“They are making an assurance dependent on their structures’ capacity to withstand a Category 5 (tropical storm), regardless of whether they are in the flood zone. So that is independent and separated from the generator,” Mayhew said. …

Clearing the nursing homes and helped living offices implies that occupants must be moved to various areas. Mayhew didn’t straightforwardly answer whether any nursing home and ALF inhabitants were being moved to crisis asylums or unique needs shields.

She said those choices were not being made in Tallahassee.

“The majority of this is neighborhood. The majority of the coordination and the basic leadership around departures are nearby,” she said. “Quiet security, our prerequisites, our desires around patient wellbeing, stay unblemished.”

The fastest trick in the world to fold a t-shirt


The fastest trick in the world to fold a t-shirt… Surely, most of the time you are lazy to fold clothes because it takes up a lot of time and is boring too. Here I am gonna introduce you to a trick so that this is no longer a problem in your life. Keep reading for the 2-second t-shirt folding trick, don’t miss these curious tips to fold a t-shirt or a polo shirt in less than 2 seconds.

Fastest trick in the world to fold a t-shirt or polo shirt

How to fold a t-shirt in less than 2 seconds

1. Spread the t-shirt or polo shirt on a flat surface.

2. Make two imaginary lines to determine the length and width of the shirt and identify the points (A) right in the middle of the length of the shirt, (B) at the top, just the middle point between the neck and the sleeve, and (C) the bottom to the length of the shirt. As it appears in the video.

3. We hold Point A with the left hand and Point B with the right hand and move Point B from above until we reach Point C, which we will also hold.

4. While holding the different points, we raise the shirt in the air and turn it by unfolding the crossed hands.

5. We can use a table or flat surface as a base to make the final fold. Take hands to the opposite end of the shirt to finish folding it successfully.

Does it seem complicated? Well, with little practise, folding a t-shirt will work in less than 2 seconds. For a more visual explanation, don’t miss this excellent video.

Click Here – to Watch on Youtube

If you like this curious trick, share it with your friends to impress them and begin to keep their clothes more organized.

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9 incredible benefits of beer


9 incredible benefits of beer: Many people refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages because they think they are harmful to the body and the organism, but in reality, what is harmful is not consuming them in moderation and this happens with everything, not just alcohol. In fact, drinks such as wine and beer have scientifically proven benefits and it is common for doctors to recommend them for our daily lives. For this reason, in this article, we will talk about beer and how it can benefit us.

9 incredible benefits of beer

1. Helps to have a healthier heart

Beer helps increase the values ​​of “good cholesterol” in our body and this, in turn, helps us prevent arteries from clogging. More than a hundred studies have shown that drinking 1 or 2 beers a day helps significantly reduce heart attacks and deaths from cardiovascular disease.

2. They reduce the risk of cataracts

A group of scientists from the United States and Canada showed that the antioxidants present in beer help reduce the chances of suffering from cataracts. We must bear in mind that dark beer is the one that contains the highest amount of antioxidants and therefore the one recommended for this purpose.

3. Fight insomnia

Nothing is more relaxing than a beer when you’re tired. Surely it has happened to you that you get home or to dinner and just by starting your beer you feel a strong dreamy sensation, this happens because this drink contains nicotinic acid and lactoflavin, two components that act as relaxants and facilitate sleep.

4. They take care of your kidneys

In my particular case, at age 15, I suffered from kidney stones, a really exasperating pain, but my biggest surprise was when my doctor asked me: Do you like beer? That’s how it is! Beer helps you take care of your kidneys, mainly due to two aspects:

1. They work as a diuretic since it contains a low level of sodium and a high level of potassium, so it makes you urinate and this helps keep the kidneys working and clean.

2. The hops in beer help strengthen the bones and prevent the formation of kidney stones.

5. Prevents cancer

This was demonstrated in a study in which it was found that meat marinated with beer managed to eliminate up to 70% of cancer cells, known as: heterocyclic amines (HCA) found in fried meats.

6. Helps prevent anaemia in menopause

Beer contains flavonoids, effective antioxidants that are linked to calcitonin. As a result, the cells that form the bone are increased and those that destroy them are reduced, thus preventing the loss of minerals in the bones in menopause.

7. Longer Lives

Beer is responsible for preventing around 26,000 deaths each year, thanks to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, strokes or diabetes.

8. Help your skin

At present, “beer spas” are becoming increasingly popular since the vitamins contained in this drink help regenerate the skin and benefit the pigments, as was stated in this NYTimes article.

9. Reduces ageing

Beer contains natural antioxidants, which facilitate the prevention of exudative phenomena that are responsible for ageing.

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Single use plastic Ban in India: Eco-friendly alternatives you can use


Single use plastic ban in India: The ban was enforced on July 1 all across the country, it is a great initiative taken by the Indian government to protect the environment from plastic pollution.

To bring down the enormous damage single use plastic products have on the environment, the Indian government enforced a ban on single use plastic from Friday (July 1).

What is Single use plastic?

Single-use plastic also known as disposable plastics, are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. These items include things like plastic bags, soda and water bottles, straws, coffee stirrers, and most food packaging materials.

The list of banned single use plastic items includes:

  • Earbuds with plastic sticks
  • Plastic sticks for balloons
  • Plastic bags
  • Candy sticks
  • Ice – cream sticks
  • Polystyrene (Thermocol) for decoration
  • Plastic plates, cups, glasses, cutlery such as forks, spoons, knives, straw, trays
  • wrapping or packing films around sweet boxes
  • Invitation cards
  • Cigarette packets
  • Plastic or PVC banners less than 100 micron
  • Stirrers etc.

Don’t worry about your day-to-day activities without plastic items, take a look at these alternatives that are easy to find as well as affordable.

Alternatives to plastic you can easily find

1. Alternative for plastic straws:

  • You can try stainless steel straws
  • Bamboo straws
  • Pasta straws
  • and Rice straws.

2. Balloons Alternatives: For this, you can select more environmental-friendly decoration options such as:

  • Flowers
  • DIY paper flowers
  • Paper lanterns
  • Recycled bunting

3. Give up plastic earbuds: You can easily switch to:

  • Bamboo cotton buds
  • Fluid ear washes
  • If you use earbuds for makeup, opt for cotton

4. Plastic cups: Opt for reusable glasses or mugs for office, school or home and protect the environment

5. Plastic cutlery: To get rid of this extremely wasteful thing – Try using reusable bamboo spoons, forks, and knives.

6. Grocery shopping: For this need, you can carry jute or cloth bags to the shops.

7. Plastic Bottles: Steel bottles can be used as a better replacement for plastic bottles for long-term use.

If you switch to these eco-friendly alternatives, you’ll see yourself living more sustainably and happily.

Single use plastic ban in India was newly imposed. So supporting government is our responsibility, it will definitely take time to be effectively implemented. 

For the effective implementation of the single use plastic ban in India, special enforcement teams have also been formed to inspect the illegal manufacture, distribution, import, stocking, sale and use of banned single use plastic items.

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7 habits to sleep better every night


7 habits to sleep better every night: Insomnia is a sleep disorder that can lead to serious long-term health problems for people. Sleeping little or badly can become a real torture for the person who suffers it, having a negative impact on her body and mind. Some of these consequences can be: decreased attention span, memory, irritability, tiredness, deterioration of certain brain functions, etc.

However, this problem can be effectively combated by including in our daily routine the 7 habits that we will show you below; advice recommended by the Mayo Clinic Sleep Medicine Center, located in Rochester (Minnesota, United States):

7 habits to sleep better every night

Create a daily sleep routine

It is very important that you get your body used to sleeping and getting up at the same time every day, weekends or holidays. By always sleeping at the same time we help reinforce our sleep cycle. However, if you decide to go to bed and after 15 minutes you can’t sleep, get up and come back when you’re tired. If you are still in bed tossing and turning in anguish, chances are you won’t be able to fall asleep until very late.

Take care of your diet

Food is an important factor to sleep well even if we are not so aware of it. It is advisable that we do not go to bed with a very full stomach, but not hungry either. You also have to be careful with caffeine, nicotine and alcohol , as they can disrupt the sleep cycle. In almost all alcohol, although initially sleepy, it can cause loss of sleep quality causing you to wake up in the middle of the night.

Design a ritual before going to sleep

It is highly recommended to create a routine before bed. Always do the same things to signal to your body that it’s time to go to bed. An example would be taking a bath or shower, reading a book, or listening to relaxing music. On the other hand, you have to watch with electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets or TV. It has been shown that the light reflected by these devices in our eyes disturbs our sleep.

Get comfortable

Comfort is one of the most important factors for the quality of our rest. Having a good mattress, a comfortable pillow or a quiet and dark room, contribute a lot to favoring our sleep. Create a pleasant environment to sleep peacefully, without anything that bothers you or can wake you up. If you share a bed, make sure you both have enough space to sleep comfortably.

Limit naps

It is evident that if you abuse naps during the day, this can cause you to not be able to sleep at night. So the best thing you can do is try not to sleep more than 10 or 15 minutes, and if possible, in the middle of the afternoon. Avoid sleeping too much and too late because it will disrupt your natural sleep cycle.

Exercise regularly

A gift of physical activity can help a lot to sleep well at night because when we are tired we sleep soundly. But it is important that you choose the time to exercise well. If you are one of those who exercise at night, it may be that your body reactivates and you have trouble sleeping afterwards, so we recommend that you exercise in the morning or well before going to sleep.

Control stress

Feeling stress or worry about something can be a major reason why we do not sleep very well. So if this is the case, it is better to try to control these negative thoughts and not dwell on them when we try to sleep. Try to push these thoughts or stress away as much as possible.

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5 Habits Successful People Have


5 Habits Successful People Have: Have you ever wondered… how is it that there are people who achieve everything they set out to do? What do some do to set up their businesses and get rich?

Well, the answer is multiple… but one thing is clear: these people have very definite habits that help them to be who they are.

Do you want to meet them? Let’s start!

5 Habits Successful People Have

1. They focus on one thing

Doing several things at the same time is not productive at all… It distracts us and prevents us from concentrating on doing the task well. The ideal, and what successful people do, is to take on tasks one by one. Get rid of other thoughts and focus on one goal. Once completed, you have to move on to the next one.

2. Your time is precious

Successful people do not get carried away by procrastination. They take advantage of every minute they have to solve their problems and they don’t like to waste time; rather they know how to invest it.

3. They spend less than they have

People who work hard for what they have, often avoid spending beyond their means. They tend to be cautious people, who invest well, spend no more than they can afford and also know what to spend their money on and what not to.

4. They are persistent

Successful people tend to be very stubborn and persistent. They are not weak and there are very few things that can bring them down. They know how to ‘get along’ and then get up and move on with the same enthusiasm and the same desire as at the beginning. Nothing stops them.

5. They calculate the risks

They are not at all naive and know what to get into and what not to. They have their own techniques to measure the risk of a business, project or investment and have learned to keep what they can and know how to control. Of course, they are brave, because sometimes they know that there are risks that can be taken when the reward can be very high. You have to have almost a sixth sense for it.

And you? Are you a successful person?

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Bandages tied on Shahrukh’s injured face, Jawan teaser out, will explode after 1 year

JAWAN Title Announcement Shah Rukh Khan: The teaser of Shahrukh Khan’s film Jawan has been released. King Khan will be seen with Nayantara for the first time in the movie. There is already a lot of buzz among the fans about – JAWAN. Atlee and King Khan’s combo will be a great blast in the cinema history and will be known only after the release of the film.

For Shahrukh Khan lovers, the day of June 3 is no less than a festival. There has been a great announcement about the first association of King Khan with South filmmaker Atlee. The teaser of King Khan’s movie Jawan has been released. Fans were eagerly waiting for this day.

JAWAN – Shah Rukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan overpowered the teaser of Jawan

Noticing the getup of Shahrukh Khan in the teaser of Jawan, your senses will be blown out. King Khan is noticed in a venturesome expression in Warrior getup. You must not have noticed Shahrukh in such a character before.

The background score fits perfectly with the theme of the teaser. Shahrukh looks wounded in the teaser. His entire face, head and hands are dressed.

After watching this teaser, you will surely speak that Shahrukh is going to rock the box office by evolving as a warrior this time.

Jawan will release on 2 June 2023. His Pathan will likewise come in January 2023 means next year.

2023 is reaching to be named after King Khan. The film Jawan will be released in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam including Hindi.

Seeing the teaser, you must have speculated that Jawan is a Pan India film. Its director and heroine both are from South.

Seeing Shah Rukh Khan’s swag in Jawan’s teaser, you will become his lover once again. 

Seeing King Khan doing typical action scenes like South’s movies in this movie, you will say “Wow”!

Shahrukh will be seen in double role?

According to news, Shah Rukh Khan is in a double role in Jawan. Nayanthara is going to be seen as a character of Investigative Officer.

Sanya Malhotra is also going to be seen in an important role in the film. It was stated that Shahrukh Khan was not comfortable with some scenes of the movie. He requested director Atlee to make modifications in the screenplay.

Atlee also worked on these transformations with ease. It was heard that Atlee was glad with the advice welcomed from King Khan concerning the screenplay of the film.

Shahrukh’s many films in the pipeline

Apart from Jawan, Shahrukh Khan is going to be seen in the film named Pathan. The film is going to hit the cinemas in January next year. Deepika Padukone, John Abraham are also going to be seen in influential roles along with Shahrukh in Pathan. 

Another movie in Khan’s pipeline is Dunki. Taapsee Pannu is going to be seen opposite Shah Rukh Khan in this Rajkumar Hirani movie. Khan Lovers are eagerly waiting for the release of these movies of Shah Rukh, who is bringing back to back three big bang films.

Did you enjoy the teaser of Shahrukh’s Jawan? Get ready to witness a stellar entertainer.

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How to peel tomatoes easily?


Do you know how to peel tomatoes easily? We often read recipes in which they ask us for peeled tomatoes as the main ingredient, which we often do not know how to do quickly and easily.

After reading this article you will be able to peel tomatoes easily, and depending on the quantity, we will use one technique or another.

How to peel tomatoes easily?

1. Scraping them

If the amount of tomatoes to be peeled is not very high, then we will opt for this option that never fails.

First of all, we will need a dull knife or a metal spatula like the ones used to spread butter. With these two utensils, the tomatoes are very easy to peel by scraping them all over the top and bottom surface, starting where the hole in the stem is and rotating until the entire surface of the tomato is scraped.

After scraping the tomato, with a sharp knife make a cut on the top, on the stem, and with the metal spatula itself, carefully pull the skin down. With this simple technique, you will save taking out the pot, putting water to boil…

2. Blanching Them

This technique is the most popular and the most classic that exists and is very useful for peeling a large number of tomatoes.

First of all, place a pot of water to boil. At the same time, place a bowl or other pot with water and ice inside. Then make a cross-shaped cut at the top of each tomato, where the stem is. It should not be deep, just superficial.

When the water is boiling, add the tomatoes (if you don’t fit all the tomatoes so that they are covered by the water, do it in several batches). Leave the tomatoes for 30 seconds if they are ripe or you can leave them up to a minute if they are very firm (the time will depend on the firmness of the tomato). Then remove the tomatoes from the pot and transfer them to the pot with cold water and let them rest for a couple of minutes until they lose their heat.

Remove the tomatoes from the cold water, at this point you can already see how the skin has separated by itself in the part where you made the cuts. Pull the skin off little by little until the skin is completely detached.

After reading these two techniques on how to peel tomatoes easily, rest assured that you will never hinder yourself when you have to make a recipe in which the main ingredient is peeled tomatoes.

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How to prepare the perfect gin and tonic?


How to prepare the perfect gin and tonic: More than 200 years ago a jeweler managed to put carbon dioxide bubbles in a bottle of water. The name given to it was a tonic. After a series of victories of the British troops in India, they decided to mix the tonic with gin to get a new mixed drink to celebrate it. This is how it was invented called gin tonic.

Currently, this drink is one of the most consumed and popular. Making a good gin and tonic requires a special technique and here we are going to show you how to do it so that you can prepare it like a true professional.

How to prepare the perfect gin & tonic?

1 – Take a suitable glass: In this step, we must look for a balloon cup with a wide mouth.
2 – Put the ice: The ice must be hard, big and fat. It has to be put abundantly since this drink has to be served very cold.
3 – Shake the glass and drain the water: In this step, you have to move the ice to cool the glass and remove the residual water.
4 – Choose a good gin: There are two main types of gin: dry gin and flavored gin. The type of gin goes to tastes of each person.
5 – Serve the gin: Quantities are essential. For every bottle of tonic you have to put a shot of gin.
6 – Serve the tonic: This must be very cold and it is advisable to put it with a spoon so that it does not lose carbon dioxide and mix properly
7 – Flavor it: This is not about throwing all the spices you find, it is about selecting which ones you will put and putting them in the right amount. A widely used resource would be citrus peel.

In this video you will see how it is done properly and follow all these steps.

Here you would have a perfect gin and tonic to enjoy with your loved ones.

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How to combat anxiety – 5 Helpful Tips


How to combat anxiety – 5 Helpful Tips: Do you know how to combat anxiety in the easiest way? The most important thing you need to do is keep yourself in control so you can live a nice life.

But you have to be careful. The truth is that the act of fighting anxiety can bring more tension. One of the biggest problems for those with stress in the workplace is that they try to fight anxiety every day, and it forces them to focus on their anxieties too much, creating more stress. Here are some tips and tools to know how to combat anxiety in the most effective way.

How to combat anxiety? – 5 Tips for you

1- Exercise regularly

Routine, obligations and pressures cause stress to come into our lives to complicate it. Although it is not a disease, it is the gateway to anxiety and depression, as well as cardiovascular and digestive diseases, just to name a few. And the solution is as simple as exercising.

Performing physical activity avoids the feeling of anxiety: the muscles that are tense with anxiety are no longer so when exercising.

2- Learn to breathe again.

Breathing is a very important process in the physiological and metabolic regulation of the organism. In anxiety problems it also has a crucial incidence. There are some forms of breathing that can aggravate it. This is the case of hyperventilation, a type of rapid, agitated, sighing breathing, which gives rise to excess oxygenation and causes a drastic reduction in carbon dioxide levels, a situation in which the body reacts by increasing sensations of breathlessness, chest tightness, heat, dizziness, tingling, blurred vision, unreality, etc.

That is why it is important that you take a few minutes a day and do some breathing exercises. 

3- Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

If you continually delay all the tasks that you have to accomplish, you will only overload your mind with all that which will only contribute to increasing your anxiety level to a higher level. Once the tasks accumulate, the tension we feel to fulfill them has serious consequences for us. That is why it is helpful to make a conceptual map of the tasks that you must carry out during the week starting every Monday. In this way, every day you will know what you should do and you will not find anything surprising that increases your anxiety.

4- Take time for yourself.

You must be able to enjoy some time during the day that you dedicate yourself only to yourself. That will help you feel better about yourself and therefore to play a better version of yourself. Performing activities that you enjoy will help you keep anxiety away from your life!

5-Stop expecting perfection.

Accept the fact that perfection does not exist. You can’t control everything. And by the way, sometimes things happen because they have to, it’s that simple. You may not be the best father in the world, the best student in the world, the most handsome or the most intelligent, remember that this does not make you a failure.

And, if you know that you did everything possible, be proud of what you did and have achieved so far, if on the contrary you know that you did not give everything, then it is a good time to start doing it.

You must live according to your own expectations, and not by the expectations that others imposed on you from a very early age. Think about it, meditate on it and forget about perfection. You will see how life is more fun that way!

In conclusion, the best way to know how to combat anxiety is to accept the fact that life is a battle that you must fight daily, so do not give up at the first defeat, remember that every day is a battle that you can gain. The fact that you have noticed a problem within yourself already says a lot of good things about you. Therefore, do not let anxiety win the battle of life, take control of it and act now that you still have time!

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Myths about gaining weight


Myths about gaining weight: Food is a topic that generates great debate and interest in society, especially in recent times, which, together with some misinformation about it, gives rise to the appearance of numerous myths and legends about nutrition. That is why we bring you this post, to deny or affirm dietary assumptions such as that fruit makes you fat at night, what are the foods that lose weight or if drinking water during meals makes you fat.

Fruit at night makes you fat

Eating dinner to avoid gaining weight is a recurring concern in many diets and, in this sense, fruit is usually a great crucified. And it is that consuming this group of foods at night makes you fat is one of the most repeated myths, but in reality, it is just that, a myth. In fact, the fruit has the same calories, vitamins and minerals is taken at the time or in the order that it is taken. What is certain is that it is not advisable to choose those fruits that have a high caloric intake at night or at rest, since there is no option to burn them. In this group, some stand out, such as bananas, coconut, grapes, figs, etc. On the contrary, we have the apple, pear, peach or pineapple, considered the fruit that makes you less fat at night, for its depurative power.

Water makes you fat during meals

False. Water is caloric, it does not provide calories, so it does not gain weight or lose weight, regardless of when it is consumed. In fact, it is so important to keep us hydrated and, in addition, it is a great source of minerals and electrolytes, that it is essential to ingest at any time of the day.

There are foods that lose weight

Actually, all foods provide calories, there is none that by its very nature helps to lose even one gram. The key to losing weight is to balance energy expenditure with caloric intake within the diet. Eating carbohydrates makes you fat and protein makes you lose weight

In each meal, there must be a variety of foods and nutrients so that the satiety mechanism is well regulated. What is true is that if protein intake is increased while carbohydrate and fat intake is reduced, the combustion of fat is favored. But, in general, the problem is not the consumption of carbohydrates, but the way of preparing them. For example, in the case of pasta, its high caloric intake is not due to the macaroni but to the sauce that can accompany it.

Skipping a meal lose weight

This is another mistaken belief. In fact, it is a bad habit. The recommendation by specialists is to make five meals a day, to control hunger between them and avoid eating anxiously. Do you know other myths about gaining weight?

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