10 myths about charging your mobile battery that you should stop believing

10 myths about charging your mobile battery
10 myths about charging your mobile battery

Let the battery discharge completely before charging the phone, put the phone in aeroplane mode so that it charges faster, if you connect it to a public charger they can steal your data… There are many tips the public give us on how to charge mobiles. However, how many are true? Here, we will discuss 10 myths about charging your mobile battery that you should stop believing.

Manufacturers usually add to the instructions that the first few times it is better to discharge the entire battery so that it works better in the future, but, beyond that, they do not give good practices on the use of batteries, everything we know comes from somewhere. The advice they give us or what we already knew from before.

In this article, we are going to list 10 myths about charging batteries that do not affect our device, and some even make it worse.

10 myths about charging your mobile battery

1. Leaving the phone charging at night is bad

This habit that a good number of users have does not harm the phone. When the mobile is charged, it stops collecting the electricity that comes from the charger.

Smartphones only turn the phone back on when they judge that it has been used up enough to need recharging, so this myth is debunked. You can leave the phone plugged in and sleep peacefully.

2. The phone works the same in Power saving mode

If you are wondering how much Power Saving Mode can affect your phone. The truth is that it is useful for the battery to last longer, but it affects its use.

In the event that you need to know what is happening at all times or that notifications skip you, with Power saving mode the times are lengthened and the system makes longer intervals between one search for news and another, so you may receive more late messages or emails.

3. Public charging sites are safe

Yes and no. The charging points in the subways, for example, are usually safe and you can plug in your phone without any problem. But if someone with bad intentions put a similar one and you plugged in your mobile, they could access your information.

When you are thinking of plugging your phone into a public charging point, make sure it is the real one and think about whether the organization or company is trustworthy.

4. Fully charge the battery of your new phone

This recommendation does not affect the quality of the battery in the long term. It is usually done for a more… commercial reason.

When you charge the entire battery, it will last longer and you will have the impression that the phone is better and the battery of quality, you will be satisfied with the purchase you have made. Basically, you will be able to verify that they did not lie to you when selling you the product. But it has no impact on your battery.

5. Do not charge the battery until it runs out

This is another of the most widespread myths and does not affect battery life. On the contrary, it can cause the battery memory to fail, especially if it is old.

Do not let this myth affect your daily life, you will not have any benefit from letting the battery discharge completely. So charge it when it suits you.

6. An app does not consume too much energy

A single application can cause your battery to drain very quickly. Even if you don’t have the app open, it could be working in the background.

The Facebook app is usually rightly blamed for its constant review of news, but there are apps that hack phones for cryptocurrency mining or other techniques. Not only malware affects phones, many of the most popular applications affect the charge of your battery.

7. Turning off the phone does not affect the battery

On the one hand, it is good to restart the phone from time to time to clean the applications that have been used and are still working even if we do not think so. 

In addition, turning off the mobile means that, effectively, it does not consume. So if your battery is low and you want to use the phone at a certain time, you can turn it off until then.

8. Do not use the mobile while it is charging

There is no problem in using it, the only downside that may be is that the phone takes longer to charge because you are consuming battery at the same time as it receives it, but there is no danger or there is no counterproductive effect, 21st-century phones are prepared for everything.

9. A cheap charger works the same

This aspect is more complicated. A charger from another phone with similar features will likely work just as well and won’t harm your phone. However, a one euro charger from any store can affect you.

The reason is that mobile companies are very rigorous with the materials used in the manufacture of each component, but nothing can assure you that a charger that you have bought in any bazaar has gone through the same quality standards . So be careful.

10. Wi-Fi enabled drains battery

Obviously, everything affects battery life, only there are aspects that do not do it as much as you think. Not deactivating the phone’s Wi-Fi network locator does not affect the battery too much , it has a very minor impact. Much smaller than that of social network applications that are connecting to the network every so often, for example

If you’re worried about battery life, there are other aspects more important than Wi-Fi.

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