How to save money while travelling?

How to save money while travelling
How to save money while travelling

How to save money while travelling? Who would not like to travel more each year? We all love to travel; discover new places, discover different cultures or enjoy new experiences. But, our economy does not always allow us to fulfil this dream. In this article we will give you some tips to save money while travelling and start enjoying what you like the most, so…go packing!

How to save money while travelling?

1. You must learn to be flexible

Maybe your ideal plan is to travel to Rome at 11 in the morning. But, if you want to save money, you must learn to be flexible. Opt for a specific time or destination. If you are clear about your destination, be flexible with the departure time. If you have a clear schedule, be flexible with the destination.

2. Get a credit card without commissions

Carrying too much money on you while travelling is not a good idea. However, many foreign banks will charge us a commission every time we withdraw money. Get a debit or credit card that does not charge you commissions. Find out before leaving home and save money for your trip.

3. Travel in the low season to save money while travelling

Yes, we all already know this advice. But, if you take into account what is the low season in your destination, you will be able to save considerable money. Not only are flights cheaper, life there will be cheaper for you. In addition, you will be able to enjoy your destination more without hundreds of tourists around you.

4. Discover the best deals in town

Before you travel, do your research. Get a good guide and browse the internet to find the best bargains. What day are the museums or the different events in the city free? Facebook can be a good ally if you want to discover local plans that are not found in the guides. Once in your destination, interact with the locals, no one knows what’s going on in the city better than them.

5. Travel by train or night bus to save money while travelling

A quick way to save on accommodation is to travel at night. Perhaps the train seat is not the most comfortable but you will surely save a large part of your budget with this trick. In addition, you will be able to meet other travellers with whom you can share experiences and enjoy part of your trip.

6. Discover the free-tours

There are many cities that you can get to know thanks to free tours. Although at the end of the day you must (or should) give the will to your guide, it is a great way to get to know the essential places of your destination without having to pay for much more expensive tours. In addition, you can talk to your guide to recommend secret places in the city.

7. Find the local bars to save even more

If you walk outside the main streets of the city, you will surely find small places, without big signs, where prices are significantly reduced. If you want to save even more, find a supermarket or a local market where you can buy and have a picnic in a nearby park. One more tip! Do not wait until you are very hungry to look for food, you will surely end up buying somewhere at a higher price than expected.

8. Travel by public transport to save money while travelling

Get a public transport card and discover the city like its locals. Not only will you save money, but it’s one of the best ways to get to know the city and its people. Use the subways, buses and trains and make a true immersion in the culture.

9. Offer your skills to save money during the trip

If you are going to stay for a longer period, you can try to reach an agreement with a local in the city or hostel. These can provide you with food or accommodation, which are the two big expenses of the trip. Offer yourself your skills and save money during the trip.

10. Don’t be picky, do not be demanding

If you have decided to travel without much budget, do not be demanding. Assume that you will not always have a comfortable bed to sleep in or a plate of delicious food on the table. In return, fully immerse yourself in your destination city, interact with the locals and enjoy every second and corner of the city. It sure is worth it!

And you, do you know any trick to save during the trip? Post your article!

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