What is GB WhatsApp? Should you use it or not?

What is GB WhatsApp? Should you use it or not?
What is GB WhatsApp? Should you use it or not?

What is GB WhatsApp? It is a clone of the WhatsApp application and the public is using it for its additional features over the original app. Not everyone, however, is informed of major security risks associated with GB WhatsApp use.


  • GB WhatsApp is a clone application of WhatsApp.
  • GB WhatsApp Application can be downloaded from the internet through APK.
  • The netizens love using it because it offers Auto-reply, hidden message ticks and much more…
  • WhatsApp warns the public against using such clones of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the world’s best applications of its kind. People are using it, for sharing data, information, media, or just a simple text message. Almost every individual with a mobile device has this on his/her device. You can say that it is now a mandatory application in our mobile phone that we are using for a long time. Though the other side of this application is the same as others. Just like any other application, it is also not a complete app, and people want some more features with all existing features of this application.

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There are some features that this social media giant misses out on, features that the public has been demanding for a long time. Features that some of WhatsApp’s spinoffs tend to offer.

The most popular WhatsApp Spinoff is ‘GB WhatsApp’. It is a modified version of WhatsApp. Over the period of its presence, many have installed the app under the pretext of WhatsApp.

It is clear that GB WhatsApp offers advantages that normal WhatsApp does not. Though these advantages come at a cost that one might be aware of.

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is an alternate version of WhatsApp that you won’t find on the Google Play Store. It is a completely different application that one can download through an APK.

This app has been developed by third-party developers. Thus has no connection to Real WhatsApp.

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Note: GB WhatsApp is not a new app. It is not the only clone of WhatsApp either.

Its purpose is to present the same WhatsApp like experience with additional features. GB WhatsApp comes for both Android and iOS.

  • These features include:
  • Using dual WhatsApp accounts
  • Hidden message ticks
  • Auto-reply,
  • Long video status and etc.

WhatsApp warns against the use

The public tends to install the modified version instead of the original WhatsApp to use the additional features mentioned above. However, WhatsApp has repeatedly warned against this practice.

Back in 2019, WhatsApp started banning accounts on a temporary basis that were found to be associated with GB WhatsApp.

WhatsApp even cleared that if users do not switch to the original WhatsApp after being temporarily banned, their account “might be permanently banned.”

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Dangers of using GB WhatsApp

It is true that the clone app extends our WhatsApp using experience with some exciting features, but another truth is that it takes away the very essence of real or official WhatsApp messaging – end to end encryption.

Note: WhatsApp deters WA account holders from being a victim of privacy infringement through the practice of using such apps.

In addition, on multiple occasions several APK download links of GB WhatsApp have been detected to be infected with malware, exposing users to an attack. WhatsApp thus recommends users to use the original app for these security reasons.

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