What is White Fungus? Headache to India’s Healthcare System

What is White Fungus
What is White Fungus

CORONAVIRUS cases are increasing day by day, the second wave of Corona Virus has not been controlled yet. Two new fungus types have joined the devil coronavirus forces, White Fungus is becoming another biggest problem for Indian Healthcare System.

Every day today, the public is fearing White and Black Fungus more than Covid 19. Because now rare cases of fungal infection are getting noticed more. People consuming heavy steroids or Covid patients are in more danger. While the Indian Government is preparing to also fight against these new devils.

The Next Potential Pandemic

The public is now dying of two new reasons other than corona that are Black and White Fungus. Aspergillosis known as White Fungus has started spreading suddenly. It seems that our earth is quite the circus at present. The initial cases of White Fungus are detected in Patna, Bihar. Even specialized doctors were unable to escape it.

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Improper awareness of Black Fungs already has appeared as a difficult situation. Now, White Fungus is also becoming the subject of research and deep study. Everyone is afraid but don’t worry our healthcare system will definitely find a way.

What is White Fungus?

Initial reports and studies are telling us that White Fungus is 4 times more deadly and dangerous. If not properly treated, it can ruin an infected body as a whole at once. Its spread to the lungs is another big obstacle to tackle. Nobody is safe and children are also at risk. Recent studies told White Fungus can be on the mouth, lungs, brain, kidney, and skin.

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We have collected this information from the internet. There is a lot of confusion around this subject. It is promoting fake news which travels fast and hurts more.

White Fungus Symptoms

  • Facial Deformity and pain
  • Loss of vision
  • Pain in the eyes
  • Altered mental state, confusion
  • Swelling
  • White tongue (main)
  • Crusts in the nose and Lungs

Low or weak immunity is the main cause of White Fungus infection. Somebody who is in hospitals beware! Someone critical patient in ICU is urgent to look over. Oxygen cylinders are faulty because Pipes help Fungus, not humans. The need of the hour is to maintain a clean environment around yourself, especially around Covid Patients.

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Some ways to stay safe from White Fungus

Some of the ways to stay safe from White Fungus are:

  1. Stay safe from Covid 19
  2. Build immunity
  3. No steroid overuse

Symptoms like fever and Breathing problem are the major signs of infection. Seeking MEDICAL ADVICE at right time is very necessary. Do not be your own doctor. White Fungus is a big obstacle for Indian Healthcare. Let us all defeat the Fungus together, Stay Safe! Stay Tuned!

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