UP Population Control Bill 2021: Says No Government Jobs, Subsidy If More Than 2 Children. A compulsory subject related to population control in all secondary schools may be the next step.


  • The news Population Control Act would be called the Uttar Pradesh population (Control, stabilization and Welfare) Act, 2021
  • Rebates on utilities such as electricity, house tax, water for couples who follow the 2-child norm
  • 3% increase in the employer‘s contribution Fund under NPS

Lucknow: According to UP Population Control Bill 2021, anyone violating 2-child policy in U.P. will be restricted from applying for government jobs, getting promotions in government jobs, contesting local bodies elections, and receiving any kind of government subsidy.

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UPSLC – The Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission states,

the provisions are part of the draft titled:↓

The Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill, 2021

The UPSLC website says,

“The State Law Commission, UP is working on control, stabilisation and welfare of the population of the state and has prepared a draft bill.”

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According to reports, suggestions have been requested from the citizens to enhance the draft bill 2021. July 19 is the last date for it.

Listing incentives for a government employee who adopt the 2-child norm, the draft bill 2021 says,

“Public servants who adopt the two-child norm will get two additional increments during the entire service, maternity or as the case may be, paternity leave of 12 months, with full salary and allowances and three per cent increase in the employer’s contribution fund under national pension scheme.”

For the purpose of implementation of the act, a new State Population Fund will be constituted soon.

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The draft bill also says that the maternity centres and NGOs will distribute contraceptive pills, condoms, etc, and the government will ensure the establishment of new maternity centres at all primary health centres. Spreading awareness about methods of family planning will be one of the next aims that the government is going to seriously focus upon.

From now, the community health workers will help the government in implementing the act. The centres will ensure, mandatory registration of pregnancies, births, deliveries and deaths across the state.

The draft bill also states that it shall be the responsibility of the Govt. to include a compulsory subject relating to population control in the courses of all secondary schools.

UP Population Control Bill 2021

The UP Population Control Bill 2021 seeks to revitalise efforts and provide for measures to control, stabilise the population of the state by implementing the new act and promoting the 2-child norm.

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According to news agency PTI, the draft bill reads,

“In Uttar Pradesh, there are the limited ecological and economic resources at hand. It is necessary and urgent that the provision of basic necessities of human life including affordable food, safe drinking water, decent housing, access to quality education, economic/livelihood opportunities, power/electricity for domestic consumption, and a secure living is accessible to all citizens.”

For the betterment of sustainable development with more fair distribution, it is necessary to control and stabilise the population of the state, it says.

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