What is ‘T’ in T-Series? Did you know?

'T' in T-Series
'T' in T-Series

Did you know? What is the Meaning of ‘T’ in T-Series? Here in this post, we have disclosed this interesting fact about this company. Hope you are willing to know the Meaning of’ ‘T’ in T-Series.

T-Series is the biggest youtube channel in the World. It is actually an Indian music record label plus film production company. The Company was founded by Gulshan Kumar in 1983. Company is primarily acknowledged for Bollywood music soundtracks including Indi-pop music.

T-Series is enormously popular that is why there is no need to discuss it in detail. Now coming to the main point of discussion, What is the Meaning of ‘T’ in T-Series?

What is the Meaning of ‘T’ in T-Series? Did you know?

Actually, ‘T’ stands for ‘Trishul’. Now let’s explore why it stands for Trishul? Gulshan Kumar, who was the owner of T-Series, was a great Devotee of Shiva and that is why he created the name T-Series, where ‘T’ Stands for Trishul.

Who is Gulshan Kumar?

Gulshan Kumar was a legendry person, who was a great Devotee of Shiva. He was one of the most religious Entrepreneurs of his time. He usually visits different temples in routine.

And one of the thing that we want to share with you is his ‘death incident’. Actually, when he visited a shiv temple named “Jeeteshwar Mahadev Mandir” on 12 Aug 1977, he was shot 16 times on his body.

The killer’s statement while killing Gulshan Kumar was “Bahut puja kar li, ab upar ja ke karna”.

Who is Running T-series at present?

Bhushan Kumar, who is an Indian film producer plus music producer too, is the chairman and managing director of Company. He is recognised for his works in Bollywood.

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