Nutritionist warned of the dangers of misusing fruit

Nutritionist warned of the dangers of misusing fruit
Nutritionist warned of the dangers of misusing fruit

The head physician of the Rimmarita clinic, therapist, nutritionist Rimma Moysenko warned about the dangers of misusing fruit in an interview with Sputnik radio.

Fruit eaten at the wrong time can harm the body, she said. She noted that in no case should you replace the usual meal with fruits since this disrupts lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in the body. It is especially dangerous for health to do this in the evenings, since “eating” hunger with fruits at this time of day can bring the body to a hormonal disruption leading to weight gain.

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Moysenko’s Statement | Dangers of misusing fruit

“The fruit immediately affects the cerebral cortex, and it ceases to feel the hormone leptin, which regulates energy metabolism <…> The fruit can lead to leptin resistance, a formidable complication in which the brain does not understand how much energy it has, begins to save it and stock up, ”said Moysenko.

The nutritionist recommended including fruits in your diet, focusing on the first hours after breakfast and combining with other foods. She stressed that when combined with vegetables, fruits turn into a valuable and nutritious product.

Earlier nutritionist Laura Ford and Australian nutritionist also dispelled myths about weight loss and healthy eating. The doctor said that carbohydrates are essential for the body, so you cannot totally abandon them for a slender figure. Additionally, the Australian nutritionist explained that gluten-free foods are not always more beneficial than regular ones.

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