What is Mucormycosis | Symptoms of Black Fungus | How is White Fungus different from Black Fungus?


What is Mucormycosis

Mucormycosis is a type of fungal infection that occurs in patients who have chronic illnesses since long time. Whose immunity system is fully suppressed, People who are taking such medicines due to which immunity allowance is  very down. As people have HIV, cancer for a long time, there are more chances of infection in all these diseases. 

Covid itself is an immune suppressor disease. The medicines which are used in covid Sometimes it causes immunity to down.

Sugar is very fluctuate in the Covid So many mucormycosis infection are being seen in all those patients. Nowadays it is an emergency condition, at the right time By diagnosing it Have to control immediately.

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Why black fungus accrue ?

People who have been Covid for a long time, Taking the antibiotic in the Uncontrolled Way Without in a supervision of doctor. Who do not have suger controlled, Those who have just recovered from Covid but sugar not controlled. As soon as these people go to the environment where there is too much dust and hygiene is not maintained. Chances of infection are very much in those people.


Symptoms of black fungus

Its most serious symptoms are that too much  sinus pain is accrue. There is too much pain in the area around the patient’s nose. Facial pain, Headache, gingival pain, tooth breakage, bleeding from gums, Black spots surrounding the area of ​​the nose and gums, redness in eyes, bleeding in cough these are all symptoms of black fungus.

symptoms of black fungus

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How is White Fungus different from Black fungus?

Symptoms of White Fungus




Dark spots on lungs, reduced oxygen level


Symptoms of Black Fungus


Facial pain

Nasal congestion

Loss of vision or pain in the eyes

Swelling in cheeks and eyes

Black crusts in the nose.

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Ways to prevent Black Fungus

The way to prevent this is to identify its symptoms as soon as possible.

 Do not take medicine without a doctor prescription. If you feel these symptoms then immediately consult to Dr. good control of blood sugar levels and maintain oral  hygiene These factors are very important to prevent black fungus.


This is a medical emergency The fungus that spread in it spread very fast.


Our Suggestion

If you feel same symptoms please don’t ignore and visit nearest hospital and consult with doctor.