Black Space Season 1 Release Date, Trailer, Cast and more

Black Space Season 1 Release Date, Trailer, Cast and more
Black Space Season 1 Release Date, Trailer, Cast and more

Another fresh Israel thriller drama series will release soon on Netflix. Let’s read all about this upcoming Netflix series Black Space Season 1 release date, its cast, trailer, and more.

Black Space Season 1 Release Date

Black Space Season 1, the whole series has already published in Israel. But now the show is getting so much popularity in Israel, that the makers Anant Gafni, Sahar Shavit traded their distribution rights to Netflix. The series was actually released in Israel on 13th December 2020. Now the distributors are all ready to publish Black Space Season 1 worldwide through Netflix this year 2021. The series will release on Thursday, May 27th, 2021.


This 8 episode series received much love from the country. All because of its thrilling storyline. The results are very positive, and that is why the production team has already started filming Black Space Season 2 of this series in Israel. This news was previously confirmed by Ofir Lobel (the director of the show).  It has a rating of 7.4 /10 on IMDb.

Black Space Season 1 Cast

Guri Alfi – Rami Davidi
Assi Levy – Noga Ruso
Reut Alush – Morag Shmuel
Shai Avivi – Hanoch Tavor
Liana Ayun – Libi
Noam Karmeli – Eran Sagi
Yoav Rotman – Itamar
Gily Itskovitch – Shir Tadmor
Hadas Jade Sakori – Maayan
Meirav Shirom – Miri Davidi
Ori Biton – Guy

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Season 1 Where to Watch

There must be a query in your mind around watching the show. Exactly where to watch the show. This time distributors of the show (Black Space) are Netflix. So, one can easily log into your Netflix and start watching Black Space Season 1 from May 27th, 2021. Moreover, In Germany and the Netherlands, the series is also open on various platforms like NPO and RTL.

Black Space Season 1 Trailer

Netflix has released an official trailer + preview version of Black Space Season 1. Furthermore, This preview is quite amazing, the Israel Trailer of the series is also available on youtube. But it’s with Israelian Subtitles.

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