What is a coronavirus? How coronavirus kills and spreading

What is a coronavirus? How coronavirus kills

What is a coronavirus? How coronavirus kills

Since January 2020, news showed on our televisions saying there is a virus roaming around and is deadly. First found in Wuhan, China, no proper evidence has come up indicating its origin. Taking the world by storm, shutting the global economy and making people suffer while nature thrived.

Why is coronavirus the name given to this virus?

Every country on this planet had to enforce strict lockdown to control the spread of SARS COV2, named after its crown like protein spike on its outer membrane. This virus causes a disease which is called Covid-19. This virus spreads from one person to another and can be lethal for old citizens of a country.

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How does coronavirus spread?

An adult human being releases around 3000 droplets every time he/she coughs while 10,000 droplets come out when the same person sneezes, these droplets can go as far as 1 meter and can enter other person’s body through nose or mouth which would first effect throat then lungs and furthermore as it hinders with our immune system and makes a body weak. Each droplet carries around 2 million coronaviruses.

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What is a coronavirus?

A virus is neither a living thing or a non-living, it requires a host to behave like a living thing. It is a spherical shaped virus with protein spike on the outer surface which helps it in attaching to the Ace2 receptors in our lungs. Inside the surface it contains RNA which contains instructions to reproduce.

How coronavirus kills?

Coronavirus once enters into you body via mouth or nose, then it looks for ace2 receptors which are only present in the lungs of our body. The spike protein attaches to the ace receptor, which gives a signal to the cell that it’s not a foreign body and allows it to enter through its cell membrane. It then hijacks the nucleus and instructs it to stop other functions and start producing copies of the virus. This continues till the membrane is completely filled with coronaviruses, then the membrane breaks and millions of coronaviruses. This process takes about 2-10 days, during which a patient doesn’t show any symptoms.

Our immune system then activates and starts fighting which causes fever. Fever is basically out body’s way to kill foreign objects by creating a hostile environment. 

Why is it more risky for old people?

A healthy and young body has good immunity and vigorous anti bodies building power. That’s what old people can’t do efficiently,  as they have less cell regeneration, low immunity. Which makes it difficult for an old patient, in addition to that old people these days tend to have other prior conditions resulting in serious problems for an old body.

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How does our body fight with coronavirus?

Our advanced immune system analyses the threat which in this case is coronavirus, then adapting according to it finding a solution. The Advanced immune system also known as Adaptive immune system starts forming spike like structures, which attaches to the spikes of coronavirus, stopping it from attaching to any cell membrane. And is how vaccines work too,

A vaccine is nothing but a head start, which helps our advanced immune system stay prepared and not waste time in analysing. How do they help? These vaccines contain genome structure to form these antibodies/spikes, which helps our system ready this coronavirus early and start producing antibodies from the start.

One year and a few months later, we are at a stage where we have more than 3 million death reports, and there will be many more which aren’t reported. As humanity fights through this pandemic, this world has changed. From working in an office to working from home, eating outside to cooking at home. Fighting to be even stronger.

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