Sex after taking the COVID vaccine? Health experts advice

Sex after taking the COVID vaccine? Health experts advice
Sex after taking the COVID vaccine? Health experts advice

Having sex after the COVID vaccination might be a common question in the mind of those who have received the COVID Vaccine. So, How safe is it? Is having sex after taking the COVID Vaccine is safe? Let’s Know better from the health experts.

While governments across the globe have declared several preventive rules and started mass vaccination drive to fight against the spread of deadly coronavirus, most of us still have doubts concerning the effectiveness and side effects of the COVID-19 vaccination.

While the clinical trials of Covishield and Covaxin are still ongoing and inquiries about their safety and effectiveness are yet to be acknowledged, the DCGI (Drug Controller General of India), has allowed the two homemade vaccines to be provided to the populace.

These two indigenously developed COVID-19 Vaccine are still under research, the same is being administered to the residents as part of the mass immunisation drive being carried out by the Centre.

Sex after taking the COVID vaccine

There are no formal guidelines published about it by the Health Ministry, but health experts have advised people to use birth control protection after getting the second dose.

All the volunteers who have participated in clinical trials of Covaxin in Phase III have been advised by the senior health experts to use a condom before having sex with partner for three months.

The recruitment criteria for male volunteers with reproductive potentials advised, “Use of condoms to ensure effective contraception with the female partner and to refrain from sperm donation from first vaccination until at least 3 months after the last vaccination.”

However, this initiated a debate – the use of contraceptive to be extended to all individuals or not. Here individuals means who have been vaccinated under the current central government vaccination drive

Some Medical experts believe that the condition under clinical trial to practice a contraceptive for sex after vaccination is self-explanatory. There could be an unfavourable effect that is not identified on the foetus or fertilisation process.

Experts say that the individuals who have vaccinated must use contraceptive to avoid direct sex with partners from 3-12 months. The medical experts, however, indicated that in the current circumstances, “prevention is the best safeguard”.

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