By taking a 6-minute walk test, you can check When should a Covid-19 patient seek hospital admission? Doctors said, around 85 per cent of the covid patients can treat themselves that home. No hospitals required!

After a sharp spike in the number of Covid-19 patients, hospitals are running out of beds. So at this stage, it is necessary, to avoid hospital admission if not necessary.

Doctors have explained a self-assessment test, that Covid-19 patients can perform to check their condition. This test will tell you, that you need hospital admission or not.

Doctors are advising the public to not panic, even the RT-PCR test comes positive. And there is no need to seek hospital admission in most cases.

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When should a Covid-19 patient seek hospital admission?

Most of the Covid-19 positive cases get cured under home treatment, only if there is a variation of 4 per cent or more in patients oxygen level before and after 6 minutes of walking, then in such case hospital admission may be required.

Apart from yoga, pranayam, good nutrition, loads of fluid, covid-positive patients must track their oxygen level and fever.

For an accurate judgment of the oxygen level, patients are suggested to check their oxygen level first, then they have to walk for 6 six-minute, then after this, patients have to check their oxygen level again. Patients can perform this task by walking in their isolation rooms. This test can be practised 2-3 times in a day. If these readings are normal, then there is no requirement for hospital admission.

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Hospital admission is needed if

> the baseline saturation on Oximeter is below 94 per cent

> there is a 4 per cent or more variation in oxygen level before and after 6 minutes walking test.

In such cases, if the oxygen level is below 94 per cent, you should lie face down on your belly to improve the oxygen level in your body.

On the other side, if a patient is only feeling fever, then only paracetamol is required.

AIIMS director Dr Ramdeep Guleria has told that more than 85 per cent of the covid-19 patients can recover without any special treatment. “Oxygen is a treatment, it is like a drug. There is no data that shows that this will be of any help to the patients and is, therefore, ill-advised,” he said. Adding that healthy person with oxygen saturation in the range of 93-94 per cent does not require taking high-flow oxygen to control the optimum saturation level. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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