Valentine’s Day in Europe

valetine week

Valentine’s Day in Europe

Valentine Week: 8 days held to celebrate love, romance and commitment. Named after Saint Valentine, it’s a worldwide cultural holiday honouring St Valentine, a Roman Catholic priest in the 3rd century who is said to have invented the date. Legend had it that when being locked in jail for marrying Christians against the emperor Claudius II, Valentines sneaked into the emperor’s palace and prepared to give away his gold and silver to his jailor. However, the torturer managed to get hold of his valuables before he was able to complete his nefarious plans. The legend goes on to state that in order to atone for the sins of his past, he threw all of his valuables into the Tiber.

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In honor of St Valentine, many countries observe a special festival or series of events with the same title. A few of these countries include: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and the United States. It is common for lovers and marriage partners to exchange Valentine cards, flowers, gifts, chocolates and other forms of romantic gestures during this special occasion. Most importantly, lovebirds show their affection by exchanging roses.

Other Country Europe, Australia and America on valentine

In Europe, Australia and America, February 14 is declared as the World Flag Day. This day is celebrated in many countries worldwide and is celebrated in great gusto. According to the United States flag code, this day is to be dressed in clothing that is white and blue and has red stars to indicate the location of the convention. Red roses are also to be exchanged between lovers and couples on this day.

The first thing that happens on February 14 is the Fourteenth Valentine’s Day. It is usually celebrated on Sunday. This is a public holiday in most of the European countries. This day is one of the biggest social gatherings of the year. It is also the beginning of spring and is the time for couples to get together and spend time together. It is also a time when many couples go for a picnic so that they may spend some quality time together.

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In Russia, February 14th is known as Hug Day. In United Kingdom, it is commonly known as kiss day. On February 14, millions of Russian women celebrate slap day with their boyfriends or their husbands and show their affection through kissing and holding hands. Kissing is considered to be very important on kiss day.

World Celebrate from various parts

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in various parts of the world. On the whole day, people do various activities and visit places. In Europe, most of the celebrations are celebrated in France. On the other hand, Australia and United States celebrate Valentine’s Day on different days. So, on the last day of February, let us have a look at some of the popular European traditions associated with Valentine’s Day.

First of all, the lovers make a list of all of their friends who love them and wish them a happy Valentine’s Day. The lovers then exchange greetings cards and send them to their beloved on this special day. Many hotels and restaurants provide facilities to eat delicious food. On the whole February has a very strong European theme. Apart from that, the lovers wear colorful costumes and hold romantic dances in order to remember this festival.

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Children celebrate with their friends

On the whole February 7, children start celebrating after school for their friends. All over the country, children burn rose petals to ashes in memory of their beloved. The process is called ‘Sindore’ by the locals. On February 14, the whole country is decorated with lights. At the end of February, the lovers, along with their families and friends, visit the monuments and places set up for the celebration. There they give gifts to each other and enjoy dances and music.

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