What is Whatsapp Pay? How to use WhatsApp Pay?

What is Whatsapp Pay? How to use WhatsApp Pay?
What is Whatsapp Pay? How to use WhatsApp Pay?
WhatsApp’s in-chat payment feature is ready to facilitate Indian users. This in-chat payment feature is Whatsapp Pay, that allows WA users to execute money transactions via WhatsApp to their friends, family, relatives and all that are listed in your contact list. Whatsapp Pay is UPI-based payments system that enables WA users to send and receive money from their contacts. Let’s get into more details…

When was WhatsApp Pay launched in India?

It was introduced in the month of Feb 2018 in India. But only as part of a trial run. Payments within WhatsApp were presented to a million users in India, under WhatsApp’s partnership with ICICI Bank. On February 7, 2020, WhatsApp received NPCI’s approval to roll out its WhatsApp Payment service in a phased manner. In the initial phase, WhatsApp will allow these payment services to a group of 10 million users throughout the country.

How to enable WhatsApp Pay?

To practice WA Pay on your mobile device, a WA user must initiate a payment to a WA contact. Once the request is received, WA user can set up their Unified Payments Interface (UPI) account on WhatsApp.

How to use WhatsApp Pay?

You can send money quickly within a chat by tapping the share file icon and picking the ‘payment’ option. The ‘WhatsApp payment’ section is accessible from the shortcut menu. You can use that section to check your transaction history and account details.

WhatsApp Pay: Modes of transaction

WhatsApp Pay enables WA users to send money simply to their contacts following which it enables UPI ID. WA Pay users could insert the UPI ID to send money.

How to send money to users who are not in your contact list?

Through QR code. Yes, to can do so through QR code. With this tactic, WA users can send money to somebody who is not in their contact list.