Tesla Phone: News, Specs, and more…

Tesla Phone
Tesla Phone

We have already signed our Tesla phone; The Model Pi! Have you made your reservation yet? It’s supposed to be a real chameleon phone ..

Tesla Phone

Rumours about a smartphone made by Musk continue. There have been rumours about the designs of the Model Pi. Tesla’s smartphone will be Starlink compatible to work even on Mars. And that’s the idea … Industry media is reporting that electric car maker Tesla intends to officially unveil a smartphone project called the Model Pi later this year.

It is supposed to be a real chameleon phone. In addition to satellite connectivity thanks to Starlink, the Tesla Model Pi is said to be equipped with four cameras, solar charging, and a futuristic color-changing housing. Speculation about the latest smartphone design abounds, but many questions remain unanswered. How much will the Model Pi be available for retail sale? Will you have a SIM card? What is the monthly fee to use the Starlink service? Will it be possible to buy a phone without first buying a Tesla car?

Rumors that Tesla is preparing a smartphone have escalated after world-famous design studio ADR released concept photos of the product. Perhaps Elon Musk wants to create a whole new market segment: a satellite phone that works where there are no traditional WiFi or 5G services, a smartphone capable of mining crypto anywhere, even on Mars?

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Apple -We don’t provide charger with our phone
Elon musk-Our phone doesn’t need any charger

Apple- We will compete with Tesla in the car market.
Elon Musk- Hold my beer..

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Tesla: And I took that personally

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