Manchez Scout in GTA Online : A Crazy Addition to your Garage

Manchez Scout in GTA Online : A Crazy Addition to your Garage

The update of this week for Grand Theft Auto Online has appeared, and Rockstar has gifted us with a further vehicle for a beautiful extension our parking. All Thanks to the Cayo Perico update, the roster of available wheel transport continues to increase, and the latest extension to the collection is the “Manchez Scout motorcycle in GTA Online.

Crazy Manchez Scout in GTA Online

To purchase the new Manchez Scout, go shopping on your device at the Warstock Cache & carry. The cost is $225,000, surely not the most expensive vehicle in all of GTA Online. Once you place your order, you can add it to one of your existing garages near your penthouse, office, or home. If you choose to let go of it, the base resale rate is $135,000.

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If you wish taking the new Manchez Scout for a test drive, you’ll need to be in the middle of a scoping mission for Cayo Perico (most secure private islands). This is the single time you can unobstructedly wander at the island, allowing you to discover the essential place for the motorcycle. The Cayo Perico will arrive on the North Dock, one of the main locations for the presence of cocaine, weed, bolt cutters, and cash.

Lastly, we want to say that the Manchez Scout can be improved in plenty of different ways. You can updates it with ignition and remote bombs, or multiply the volume of armour if you plan to present this as a getaway vehicle. Just don’t allow a ride to anyone; this is a one-person two-wheel transport, topping out at 80 mph, so be sure you identify where you’re travelling if you practice using this bike during a mission.

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