Everyone is worried about Whatsapp New Privacy Policy Updates, but no one knows the exact details about these updates. Everyone is worried about Whatsapp New Privacy Policy Updates, but no one knows the exact details about these updates. Here in this post, we have cleared all the major queries of current WhatsApp users.

Do you know? WhatsApp is also feeling himself in the middle of a storm after its own new privacy policy updates. Because users are thinking that WhatsApp is planning to cheat them.

Whatsapp New Privacy Policy Updates

According to these New Whatsapp Privacy Policy Updates, Whatsapp is going to share WhatsApp users’ details with its parent company Facebook. Users must have to accept all the new terms and service of the new Whatsapp Privacy Policy Update by February 8, 2021. And users do not have any option instead of deletion of the WhatsApp account.

After reading this, you may think to delete your WhatsApp account. Of course, you are free to delete your WhatsApp Account. And you can switch for another messaging app like Telegram and Signal. But some false information circulating around needs to be eradicated.

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Misinformation about Privacy Policy Updates

Here we have listed Misinformation about New Whatsapp Privacy Policy Updates, let’s check them below:

Misinformation No.1: Does WhatsApp is going to share your messages with Facebook?
Answer: No, This is False Information.

Misinformation No. 2: Does WhatsApp is going to share your location with Facebook?
Answer: Yes, but only approximate location information.

Misinformation No. 3: Does WhatsApp will own the content, files that you have shared on the app?
Answer: No, This is false information.

Misinformation No. 4: Will WhatsApp show ads?
Answer: Not at the moment.

Misinformation No. 5: Will WhatsApp track and record your audio/video calls?
Answer: No. Wrong information

Misinformation No. 6: Is WhatsApp storing your messages?
Answer: No. But you can choose to perform a backup with third-parties like Apple iCloud, Google Drive. WhatsApp does not store any of your messages.

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Is it safe to use WhatsApp?

#Main Question about Whatsapp Privacy Policy Updates

Actually, all the myths are cleared now, but the biggest problem right now is the lack of trust and security assurance with its parent company Facebook. Because Facebook does not have a stellar record when it comes to security assurance & privacy practices.

Now, this is the main reason for which WhatsApp users are concerned about their privacy on WhatsApp. It is only in the European Union (EU) bounding WhatsApp legally to not share any of its data with Facebook.

So in this case, all Current WhatsApp users have two choices. First is to stick to the same app and hope for Indian Government to implement fresh data protection laws so that information collected by WhatsApp or any other app is not misused or shared to any other company or organisation without permission. The second option is to switch to another messaging app, which is not powered by big tech companies, who are under inspection over their data collection practices.