Play Holi in the metaverse New Technology

People may come to the Holi 2022 event in the Metaverse and play Holi with their pals while listening to DJs and dancing.

Happy Holi 2021 Wishes in Hindi
Happy Holi 2021 Wishes in Hindi

Holi festivities are a time for people to gather together, however many people will still be unable to play Holi with their family or loved ones. Metaverse has been promoted by a few Indian firms as a solution to this issue. While several large IT businesses headquartered outside of India have used the platform for launch events and other purposes, this is the first time an Indian festival has been featured on it.

Yug Metaverse’s Fintech partner for the Holi 2022 event is CoinSwitch. In a joint statement, the firms stated that this is the world’s first Metaverse Holi.

“Holi is a festival that celebrates colour, camaraderie, and love. Yug has partnered with CoinSwitch to bring this joyful Indian culture to the Metaverse. The consumer experience is at the centre of everything we do at CoinSwitch. We want to have a say in how Indians engage with new technology in the future. “Metaverse Holi is the right marriage of our rich culture and technology expertise,” stated Ashish Singhal, CoinSwitch’s Founder and CEO.

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“We’ve always seen western celebrations honoured in games and metaverses, and we’ve always desired that festivals like Holi, a festival of colours, would be celebrated as well.” As a result, we’ve produced the world’s first Holi metaverse experience for everyone to enjoy. People may gather here to play Holi with their pals while listening to DJs and dancing. We feel that people would have a fantastic time with digital Holi. Utkarsh Shukla, Founder and CEO of YUG Metaverse, stated, “We worked hard to make it a safe place to enjoy.”

Holi in the Metaverse:

The Yug Metaverse app is available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. After that, they must establish an account on the app. After that, you may make your own Avatar. There are three venues in the metaverse at the time of writing this article. Holi is one of the three locations. After you’ve chosen the Holi 2022 location, you’ll be sent to a website where you can download the necessary files. Once that’s done, you should be playing Holi in the metaverse.

Note that since the app is still under beta testing, it may not be the smoothest experience.

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