Now, avail Aadhaar services via SMS – UIDAI 

Aadhaar services via SMS
Aadhaar services via SMS

Here is a piece of good news, guys. UIDAI ( Unique Identification Authority of India ) is offering some Aadhaar services via SMS. If you are excited to know about the services, which has been included in this list, stay tuned… & check the process to generate virtual ID or lock Aadhaar.

I think every Aadhaar user is will feel great, after listening to the news because the government has taken the next step towards using Aadhaar more conveniently. Yes, you heard right, UIDAI is now offering some Aadhaar services such as, locking or unlocking their Aadhaar, generation or retrieval of Virtual ID (VID) and biometric locking and unlocking, among others, via SMS. 

New Delhi: Aadhaar card, which is issued by the UIDAI, is one of the most important documents for every citizen living in India. With the help of this card, citizens are availing various benefits offered under several state-backed schemes. 

For receiving such benefits through Aadhaar, everyone has to ensure that his/her Aadhaar is up to date. One can visit the UIDAI ‘s official website to update Aadhaar. But for millions of Indian Citizens, using the internet is still a tough nut to crack. Don’t worry, you can also visit a nearby centre ( Jan Seva Kendra ) facilitating such services.

Now coming back to the point, as we discussed above that using the internet is still a tough nut to crack for many Indians. Moreover, for security purposes also, one had to visit the UIDAI ‘s official website to lock or unlock their card. 

However, UIDAI offers convenience to avail several Aadhaar services by just sending a plain SMS. It clarifies that Indian citizens without a smartphone can also avail the facility through SMS.

Let’s talk about the list of services, offered by UIDAI at present. Here are some: 

A) Generation of Virtual ID

B) Retrieving Virtual ID

C) Locking of Aadhaar biometric

D) Unlocking of Aadhaar biometric

E) Locking of Aadhaar number

F) Unlocking of Aadhaar

Generate and Retrieving Aadhaar virtual ID via SMS

1. Enter GVID (SPACE)

2. Now add the last 4 digits of your Aadhaar number

3. Now, send it to 1947.

In case you have lost your virtual ID, you can retrieve the same by sending an SMS. Follow the steps given below:

1. Type RVID (SPACE)

2. Enter the last four digits of your Aadhaar number.

Lock and unlock Aadhaar card via SMS

SMS can also lock or unlock your Aadhaar card. Aadhaar Locking – Unlocking is useful if you want to ensure that no one misuses your Aadhaar details. 

Learn how to lock or unlock your Aadhaar via SMS: 


2. Now Enter, the last four digits of your Aadhaar number

3. Send it to 1947.

4. You will get an OTP soon. 

5. After receiving the OTP, create a new message.


7. Enter Last 4 digits of your Aadhaar (SPACE)

8. Now type, 6 digit OTP

9. Send the text to 1947

10. This process will lock your Aadhaar Card. 

Unlock Aadhaar via SMS


2. Now Enter, last 6 digits of your VID 

3. Send it to 1947

4. After receiving OTP, type UNLOCK (SPACE)

5. Also enter the last 6 digits of your VID (SPACE)

6. At last, enter 6 digit OTP.

7. Send the text to 1947

8. This process will unlock your Aadhaar Card.

Hope you got all the steps, in case you think or detect any mistakes in the steps, please comment below with the right one, we will update them for you.

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