How to prepare the perfect gin and tonic?

How to prepare the perfect gin and tonic
How to prepare the perfect gin and tonic

How to prepare the perfect gin and tonic: More than 200 years ago a jeweler managed to put carbon dioxide bubbles in a bottle of water. The name given to it was a tonic. After a series of victories of the British troops in India, they decided to mix the tonic with gin to get a new mixed drink to celebrate it. This is how it was invented called gin tonic.

Currently, this drink is one of the most consumed and popular. Making a good gin and tonic requires a special technique and here we are going to show you how to do it so that you can prepare it like a true professional.

How to prepare the perfect gin & tonic?

1 – Take a suitable glass: In this step, we must look for a balloon cup with a wide mouth.
2 – Put the ice: The ice must be hard, big and fat. It has to be put abundantly since this drink has to be served very cold.
3 – Shake the glass and drain the water: In this step, you have to move the ice to cool the glass and remove the residual water.
4 – Choose a good gin: There are two main types of gin: dry gin and flavored gin. The type of gin goes to tastes of each person.
5 – Serve the gin: Quantities are essential. For every bottle of tonic you have to put a shot of gin.
6 – Serve the tonic: This must be very cold and it is advisable to put it with a spoon so that it does not lose carbon dioxide and mix properly
7 – Flavor it: This is not about throwing all the spices you find, it is about selecting which ones you will put and putting them in the right amount. A widely used resource would be citrus peel.

In this video you will see how it is done properly and follow all these steps.

Here you would have a perfect gin and tonic to enjoy with your loved ones.

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