How to combat anxiety – 5 Helpful Tips

How to combat anxiety - 5 Helpful Tips
How to combat anxiety - 5 Helpful Tips

How to combat anxiety – 5 Helpful Tips: Do you know how to combat anxiety in the easiest way? The most important thing you need to do is keep yourself in control so you can live a nice life.

But you have to be careful. The truth is that the act of fighting anxiety can bring more tension. One of the biggest problems for those with stress in the workplace is that they try to fight anxiety every day, and it forces them to focus on their anxieties too much, creating more stress. Here are some tips and tools to know how to combat anxiety in the most effective way.

How to combat anxiety? – 5 Tips for you

1- Exercise regularly

Routine, obligations and pressures cause stress to come into our lives to complicate it. Although it is not a disease, it is the gateway to anxiety and depression, as well as cardiovascular and digestive diseases, just to name a few. And the solution is as simple as exercising.

Performing physical activity avoids the feeling of anxiety: the muscles that are tense with anxiety are no longer so when exercising.

2- Learn to breathe again.

Breathing is a very important process in the physiological and metabolic regulation of the organism. In anxiety problems it also has a crucial incidence. There are some forms of breathing that can aggravate it. This is the case of hyperventilation, a type of rapid, agitated, sighing breathing, which gives rise to excess oxygenation and causes a drastic reduction in carbon dioxide levels, a situation in which the body reacts by increasing sensations of breathlessness, chest tightness, heat, dizziness, tingling, blurred vision, unreality, etc.

That is why it is important that you take a few minutes a day and do some breathing exercises. 

3- Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

If you continually delay all the tasks that you have to accomplish, you will only overload your mind with all that which will only contribute to increasing your anxiety level to a higher level. Once the tasks accumulate, the tension we feel to fulfill them has serious consequences for us. That is why it is helpful to make a conceptual map of the tasks that you must carry out during the week starting every Monday. In this way, every day you will know what you should do and you will not find anything surprising that increases your anxiety.

4- Take time for yourself.

You must be able to enjoy some time during the day that you dedicate yourself only to yourself. That will help you feel better about yourself and therefore to play a better version of yourself. Performing activities that you enjoy will help you keep anxiety away from your life!

5-Stop expecting perfection.

Accept the fact that perfection does not exist. You can’t control everything. And by the way, sometimes things happen because they have to, it’s that simple. You may not be the best father in the world, the best student in the world, the most handsome or the most intelligent, remember that this does not make you a failure.

And, if you know that you did everything possible, be proud of what you did and have achieved so far, if on the contrary you know that you did not give everything, then it is a good time to start doing it.

You must live according to your own expectations, and not by the expectations that others imposed on you from a very early age. Think about it, meditate on it and forget about perfection. You will see how life is more fun that way!

In conclusion, the best way to know how to combat anxiety is to accept the fact that life is a battle that you must fight daily, so do not give up at the first defeat, remember that every day is a battle that you can gain. The fact that you have noticed a problem within yourself already says a lot of good things about you. Therefore, do not let anxiety win the battle of life, take control of it and act now that you still have time!

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