LOVE YOUR BODY: Acceptance is the act of acknowledging painful thoughts and emotions regarding your body and your person and accepting them as they are, becoming aware of what has generated them (diet culture, demand, family context…).

Therefore, acceptance is acknowledging and validating: acknowledging the damage that the culture of diet and achievement has generated in each one of us.

Each of us has a range of experiences with our body, many of them traumatic. Some people continually experience stigma because of their body size. Others, even having normative bodies, coexist in family contexts where body image has been the business card to the world.

And absolutely all of us receive every day through the media, social networks, conversations the impact of a toxic culture that promotes an unreal ideal image.

Once you give space to what is there, that is, accept your painful thoughts and emotions, the next step is the cultivation of self-compassion. Self-compassion is generating kindness, warmth and understanding towards your own person, towards your suffering, towards what you like and what you don’t like, and letting go of judgments and criticism. In short, it is little by little to approach unconditional love towards you. 

To sum up the concept of acceptance and self-compassion, I love the idea of ​​learning to “be with” : ” be with”  that I don’t like my body, “be with” that I would like to do more than my body allows me to do in this moment, “being with” that I don’t feel like I’m very nice, “being with” that I’m not good at artistic things… being with all that in a kind way and at the same time feeling that I deserve respect, appreciation and care.

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Every time you stop doing something because of a poor body image, you are reaffirming your feeling of inadequacy, and therefore low self-esteem.

Accepting and bearing compassion are the first steps out of the suffering of the diet culture.

Begin to cultivate acceptance and compassion towards yourself, respect yourself, treat yourself with affection, learn to be with the pain, and recognize all the suffering you have gone through, are the first steps to learn to love your body. But don’t let your suffering define you. 

Accepting and loving yourself needs action. Because you have come to this world to live a full life, no matter how much they have made you feel otherwise.

So get out there and show the world your light. Take time for yourself and do whatever it takes to feel good about yourself. There is a whole range of possibilities to live a full and happy life beyond the diet culture.

Every time you give up doing something for your body image, you give up living from your essence.

Every time your mind throws you self-attacking messages, don’t get hooked on them. Bring compassion to those voices that have been with you for so many years because they probably had a role, but release them like birds in the sky flying away. Because they no longer serve you.

And he begins to walk, step after step. Go out dancing, jump into the pool, go on a pilgrimage, have a date, renew your underwear, read books and discuss them with your friends, sign up for a course, eat delicious food, hug tight,… in short,…

Commit to life! That is loving your body!

I hope you find this post inspiring

With love


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