How to peel tomatoes easily?

How to peel tomatoes easily
How to peel tomatoes easily

Do you know how to peel tomatoes easily? We often read recipes in which they ask us for peeled tomatoes as the main ingredient, which we often do not know how to do quickly and easily.

After reading this article you will be able to peel tomatoes easily, and depending on the quantity, we will use one technique or another.

How to peel tomatoes easily?

1. Scraping them

If the amount of tomatoes to be peeled is not very high, then we will opt for this option that never fails.

First of all, we will need a dull knife or a metal spatula like the ones used to spread butter. With these two utensils, the tomatoes are very easy to peel by scraping them all over the top and bottom surface, starting where the hole in the stem is and rotating until the entire surface of the tomato is scraped.

After scraping the tomato, with a sharp knife make a cut on the top, on the stem, and with the metal spatula itself, carefully pull the skin down. With this simple technique, you will save taking out the pot, putting water to boil…

2. Blanching Them

This technique is the most popular and the most classic that exists and is very useful for peeling a large number of tomatoes.

First of all, place a pot of water to boil. At the same time, place a bowl or other pot with water and ice inside. Then make a cross-shaped cut at the top of each tomato, where the stem is. It should not be deep, just superficial.

When the water is boiling, add the tomatoes (if you don’t fit all the tomatoes so that they are covered by the water, do it in several batches). Leave the tomatoes for 30 seconds if they are ripe or you can leave them up to a minute if they are very firm (the time will depend on the firmness of the tomato). Then remove the tomatoes from the pot and transfer them to the pot with cold water and let them rest for a couple of minutes until they lose their heat.

Remove the tomatoes from the cold water, at this point you can already see how the skin has separated by itself in the part where you made the cuts. Pull the skin off little by little until the skin is completely detached.

After reading these two techniques on how to peel tomatoes easily, rest assured that you will never hinder yourself when you have to make a recipe in which the main ingredient is peeled tomatoes.

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