How to Bath/bathe? Recommendations for a correct bath

How to Bath

Do you know how to bath/bathe? Mistakes can often be made when taking a bath, and there are some things to keep in mind when caring for your skin and hair. Here are some recommendations for a correct bath:

How to Bath:

  • The water should not be too hot, not exceeding 30 degrees so as not to dry out the skin.
  • It is not advisable to use gloves or sponges with rough fibres, it is enough to gently lather the skin without strong friction.
  • The bath should last a maximum of 5 minutes, so no water is wasted and it is enough for body hygiene.
  • It is not good to lengthen the bath since excessive humidity makes the skin dry.
  • The ears and outer ear should be cleaned daily with soap and water, with the head tilted towards the side that is being washed to prevent water from entering.
  • When drying, care should be taken in the armpits, between the toes and the groin. You should not rub the skin with force, with a few gentle strokes with the towel is enough.
  • Water is not enough, soaps must be used to eliminate dirt , they are necessary to maintain a balance between dryness and skin oil and those with a PH of 5.5 should be chosen since it is the appropriate alkaline level for the skin.
  • Moisturize the skin, prevents dryness and provide elasticity to the dermis. Body oils penetrate more into the skin, nourishing it more effectively.

You should follow these tips to have a proper bath, and if you still notice itching or tightness on the skin, go to a dermatologist. Hope you learned how to bath/bathe properly, stay tuned for more such articles!

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