Consider that an Asteroid is Going to Hit Earth. What will happen? [ NASA Expert Answers ]

Asteroid is Going to Hit Earth
Asteroid is Going to Hit Earth

Guys, let’s consider that an Asteroid is Going to Hit Earth. Now can you think, What will happen? Here we have NASA Expert Answers, let’s dive in.

Considering that an Asteroid is Going to Hit Earth

Recently, a Canadian lady had a deadly experience. As she stayed asleep through the night a shooting star, a little shooting star punctured through her ceiling and came slamming on her cushion. It scarcely missed her head, yet made an opening in the ceiling. The episode walked out on the question: What if a stone, large enough to cause large-scale destruction, say an asteroid, were to hit Earth? As attention increased, NASA asked one of its specialists the question. Dr. Kelly Fast said, it is important to detect the asteroids “before they reach us.” She, however, added there’s no recognised risk to our planet.

Sharing Kelly Fast’s reaction, NASA additionally said through an Instagram post, that their Planetary Defense Coordination Office “keeps its eyes on the skies” to assure our safety by discovering asteroids before they strike earth.

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NASA Expert Answer – What will happen? ( Asteroid is Going to Hit Earth )

Dr. Kelly, a planetary defence expert, stated, “An asteroid strike is the only natural disaster that could be forestalled. NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office supports activities to find asteroids and calculate their orbit far into the future. In the event that an asteroid strike danger is found years or decades in advance, then the deflection mission might be possible,” she answered.

The meteorite incident in Canada’s British Columbia province was not the single incident of its kind. Meteors rush towards Earth constantly. A few times, the huge ones survive the outing through the planet’s atmosphere and land on a surface as little shooting stars. Some of the time, individuals gather them and on different occasions, these stones end up in galleries or on internet shopping platforms. In contrast with shooting stars (meteorites), asteroids are large, although much smaller than planets. However, they circle the Sun very much like the planets.

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