Best free online education portal – SWAYAM

Best free online education portal - SWAYAM

SWAYAM – The Best free online education portal

There are lots of freemium course lovers in India. Consuming free material is not a bad thing. Sometimes it is good and from relevant sources. You all are going to be shocked today if they have not heard about SWAYAM.

It is the best free online education portal by the Indian government. Those who are seeking for learning some new skills, but do not have money to spend, should join this platform.

SWAYAM is a platform launched by the Government of India. It is created to help students to build their skill-set. It is created to accomplish the 3 cardinal principles. These 3 cardinal principles of Education Policy are:

  1. Access
  2. Equity
  3. Quality

The goal of this effort is to serve the most suitable teaching-learning resources to all. SWAYAM is attempting to bridge the digital gap for students. Actually, lots of students and learners are untouched of the digital revolution.

So those, who have previously remained untouched by the digital revolution are invited in this program. This platform will absolutely help those leftover candidates.  It will help learners to enter the mainstream of the knowledge economy.

The Indian government is doing this through a program. Swayam facilitates hosting a bunch of courses. Almost all the courses taught in classes from 9th class till post-graduation are here on SWAYAM. Candidates can access courses from anywhere at any time.

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Best teachers behind the preparation of all the courses

All the courses are correlative and interactive. The best teachers in the country, are behind the preparation of all the courses on Swayam. These best teachers from our country are available, free of cost to any candidate.

From across the nation,  for preparing the courses. Over 1,000 specially elected teachers and lecturers have joined the program.  And that is why SWAYAM is the best free online education portal in India.

The courses available on SWAYAM are in 4 quadrants –

  1. Video lecture
  2. Reading material (can be downloaded/printed)
  3. Self-assessment tests (tests and quizzes)
  4. Online discussion forum (clear your doubts)

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Nationwide Coordinators at SWAYAM

In order to guarantee the best quality content at the platform, nine Nationwide Coordinators have been selected. They are:

  1. Self-paced and international courses: AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education)
  2. Engineering: NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning)
  3. Non-technical post-graduation education: UGC (University Grants Commission)
  4. Under-graduate education: CEC (Consortium for Educational Communication)
  5. School education: NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training)
  6. School education: NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling)
  7. Out-of-school students: IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
  8. Management studies: IIMB (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore)
  9. Teacher Training programme: NITTTR (National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research)

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Lastly, Courses presented on SWAYAM are open to learning free of cost to the students. However, candidates desiring a SWAYAM certificate should register yourself for the final exams.

For Education certification

For certificates, a fee is applicable and visit in-person at selected centres. These visits will be on predefined particularised dates. Eligibility for the certificate will be declared on the course page. And students will get certificates only if these measures are matched.

So, We hope, that you have gone through all the information provided above about the best free online education portal. We recommend this platform to learn new skills without any cost. Stay Connected… Here on TheFlashUpdate, we try to provide value to our readers. You can feel free to revisit our website for regular and beneficial worldwide updates.

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