Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs and other services go down 14-12-2020

gmail server down

Gmail server: today 14 december 2020 we have faced gmail server down server error 500

Gmail is server got down there are many several services is not working not able to login in gmail and many account which is connected with gmail

It appears as though benefits are gradually beginning to return once more. We’ve reached Google for an assertion about what occurred. Taking all things together, appears as though they were down for about 60 minutes. Unique article underneath:

Google services is not working

Not considerably more to refresh yet but rather we’re seeing and connecting with others that different Google administrations have gone down. Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs, Maps, Adwords and Adsense, Google Pay, Google Home and Google’s Chromecast are on the whole encountering blackouts, with handfuls, even hundreds, of reports we’ve seen so far rolling in from across Europe, the US, Canada, India, South Africa, nations in Central and South America, Australia and likely more.

Vacation site markers are indicating large spikes for administrations dropping beginning from around 11.30AM UK time.

Youtube server is also got affected by this google server issues

youtube coming 500 server errors not able to access , but there is one option to access by incognito mode without sign in the gmail account, many of people is trying to access but they are facing same issue. itself seems to in any case be working, but drowsily. Likewise Chrome.

issue with Google Accounts

Some have deduced that it’s an issue with Google Accounts — which is additionally not working — albeit regardless of whether you attempt to sign into Google benefits undercover they are not working.

So far we aren’t seeing any clarifications for what is happening — if it’s not too much trouble connect in the event that you know something, I’m on Twitter here and do peruse direct messages and answers. No reason for messaging me!

Chiefly, however, it’s a remarkable disappointment for a framework that has become one of greatest traffic and movement drivers on the web.

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