Silent War Chapter 126 Release Date… Silent War, also recognised as My Kingdom has been one of the most-maximum participated 18+ Korean romantic webtoon. Fans have consumed all in up to chapter 125 and now they are looking forward to the Silent War chapter 126. Don’t worry it’s not miles away as the author Yang Shi declared that he would be back with more romance on June 1. So it’s possible that Yang Shi would be talking about Chapter 126 and what’s more to come in.

Silent War Chapter 126 Release Date, Spoilers etc.

Silent War Chapter 126 Spoilers!!

The news that we have so far is regarding the release date of the Silent War Chapter 126. There are no spoilers available right now, the spoilers will only drop in some days before the releasing day. There are no spoilers but rumours are always there. We can go around with various kinds of spoilers and story predictions but who knows what would happen next?

Silent War Chapter 126 Release Date, Spoilers And More
Silent War Chapter 126 Release Date

We’d update you as soon as our network would retrieve updates about the Silent War Chapter 126 or anything related to this part that would be arriving soon. All your questions would be finally answered after any small update.

Silent War Previous Chapter

Hyun has a close personality when it comes to the artist. He is regarded as the original character of the webtoon. Sophie, who is a woman with a bad mouth that only speaks ill of anyone has an attachment or love towards his boyfriend Gunner. She does not care when she is not capable to hold attention from Mia.


Silent War (My Kingdom) is full of the dramatic scenes that one would require. It has something more than just drama like Romantic stories, Mature, and Harem. Everything is packed with wisdom in this webtoon. It is illustrated by Yang Shi and written by Tharchog. This webtoon was begun in 2018 and is recognized globally.

Silent War Chapter 126 Release Date, Spoilers And More
Silent War Chapter 126

Story Plot

It depicts a story of a boy named Hyun when surprising endeavours take place in his life and he counters such circumstances as he gets too close to someone when he is actually not supposed to. Now the chain of stories is set in motion due to his actions. And decisions will grab the reader’s attention. One can go through the story to understand more about what happens in the whole story.

Silent War (My Kingdom)
Silent War (My Kingdom)

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