Search Engine Optimization Basics knowledge for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization basic knowledge

Search Engine Optimization?Basics knowledge for Beginners

A search engine is an application, which is specifically designed to do web searches in the World Wide Web (www). It works by collecting data from various internet resources. There are literally billions of websites on the internet. Each of these websites has a search box where users type specific keywords and the search engine will return a list of websites that contain that searched word or phrase.

Search engine Bing and yahoo

Bing is currently the most popular search engine market share. It has a very low popularity among the two other major search engines, Google and Yahoo. Google is also lagging behind Yahoo and Bing in terms of popularity. The reason for this discrepancy is that Yahoo’s search engine interface is simpler than Bing’s. Google launched the Google N explorer, which many believe is the reason for the low popularity of Google.

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In addition, Google focuses on providing relevant results to its users while Bing concentrates more on providing a user experience with better visual cues for searching. This difference has been noted among internet users. More people prefer Google as it is easier to use and find relevant results. However, some internet users still stick to using the traditional bing or yahoo search engines because they believe that these engines are much better than Google when it comes to relevancy.

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The first step to get better ranking in the Google search engine result pages (SERPs) is to improve your website’s meta-tags and title. Keywords or keyword phrases should be properly contained in your meta-tags and title of your website.

These keywords or keyword phrases are what will be used by Google or any other search engine as a basis of what will be showed in search results. If your website’s meta-tags and title do not contain these keywords or phrases, your website may not get picked from the list of potential websites. So make sure that these elements are correctly created.

Keywords make your website rank-up

The second important thing that you need to remember is the relevance of the keywords that you have used on your webpage. Google focuses on the content and not on how the keywords are stated. Search engines are all about relevance so you have to make sure that your keywords to match the content of your website properly. If you only have relevant keywords or keyword phrases but yahoo and bing are too general, you will never get good ranking results.

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The third important tip that you can do is to perform proper keyword research on your own. You need to conduct your own research to determine which particular keywords or keyword phrases are best for your website. Google and Yahoo have free tools that you can use. You can also use free online tools to determine the number of searches made using those same terms or phrases.

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The fourth thing that you have to remember is not to trust Google and Yahoo. Google is the most trusted search engine among users but there is still a difference between the trustworthiness of Google than of yahoo. The reliability of Google cannot be taken for granted because it is always updating its algorithm. So you have to keep your eyes open for Google updates especially for the older versions of its programs such as Google v. 3.5.

The fifth and most important thing is not to focus on the appearance of your webpage. Search engines are based on how your website looks like. The content of the webpage is what makes it different from other websites.

Even though you may be having great keywords and keyword phrases on your webpage, if it does not look nice and appealing to the human eye, you will not get good ranking results. If you want to be on top of the search results page, you have to make sure that your webpage has good content and is properly optimized.