How To Shave Armpits With A Razor?

How To Shave Armpits With A Razor?
How To Shave Armpits With A Razor?

Almost all women shave their armpits daily to feel clean and fresh or simply to enjoy smooth skin. There are a variety of underarm hair removal methods, such as waxing or IPL, but none are as simple and fast as going with a razor. You shave underarm hair almost daily, but do you know if you get the best results? Follow these tips to shave armpits with a razor.


Prepare your skin before shaving armpits with a razor

We usually use the razor in the shower for convenience, but did you know that it has other advantages? The water on the skin helps hydrate and soften the hair to make shaving more comfortable, so go ahead and enjoy. If you’re in a rush, try replacing the bath or shower with a warm washcloth. Apply to underarms three to five minutes before waxing.

Use hair removal gel

Busy women dry wax very often. It is understandable: sometimes they are in a hurry or they have not had time to go buy more hair removal gel. However, taking a few quick-dry passes with the razor can be detrimental. Believe it or not, shaving without gel or water can sting and irritate. Using hair removal cream or gel helps hydrate the skin and makes shaving smoother.

Use a clean quality razor

The razor loses its effectiveness over time and, if you don’t take care of it, it can even rust. Do your skin a favor and change your razor blades at the first sign of wear — refills typically last five to ten shaves. It is also important to keep the razor clean to ensure the closest possible shave.

The final touch of softness

When you’re done, dry your skin thoroughly and apply your favourite moisturizer to help keep your skin healthy, smooth, and hydrated. And don’t forget to clean the razor! Just rinse it off and let it air dry after each use. Take care of your razor to extend its useful life and enjoy a closer waxing.

Shaving the armpits is very easy if you know how to do it correctly. You just need these tips and a little practice, but remember that waxing is a personal choice – do what makes you feel best!

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