How to give your partner the best smooch ever?

How to give your partner the best smooch ever
How to give your partner the best smooch ever

Smooches are meant to be slow, sweet and swoon-worthy. But it’s also meant to be passionate, rough and very romantic. Are you planning to give someone a deep, sensual smooch, we are here to guide you. Keep reading to know more about the complete process to give your partner the best smooch ever.

Smooches are one of the most acceptable practices to impress someone. And nobody wants a bad smoocher! Smooches can be the start of something influential or can be the beginning of a fiery night of passion. If you’re wondering what makes a partner a good smoocher, here are some of the tracks a smooch can be sensual and passionate.

Tips to give your partner the best smooch ever

Tip No. 1: Go slow

Take your time and go slow when you are smooching someone. Don’t hurry as it will smash all the pleasure. Smooching someone who enjoys to just hurrying up the process, isn’t going to make the occasion memorable.

Tip No. 2: Give some pressure

Put some pressure on the smooch as the suitable amount of pressure can drive all the difference. Putting some pressure on the lips with your teeth or a little biting here and there can make you a fantastic smoocher.

Tip No. 3: Move your body

Make maximum use of your body while smooching someone. Use your hands to titillate your partner’s body. Move your hands all over your partner’s body and grind against your partner’s body to create friction between you both. Doing so will create a lot of passionate and sensual moments. If it’s a soft smooch, then unhurriedly move your hand around. If it’s intense, don’t be scared to carry it up a notch.

Tip No. 4: Use your tongue

While smooching, wisely use your tongue as one false move can set you back. Make sure you start slow with this. Let your tongue and lips fondle your partner. Don’t let your tongue dart here and there as it can be extremely uncomfortable.

Tip No. 5: Tease your partner!

If you wish to carry your smooching fun to the successive level, then you can try to tease your mate a little bit during smooches. Pull away, lick their jaw or their lips and then head back to sensually smooching your partner. Remember, don’t pull away too much because your partner may feel infuriated that you’re making them chase you.

Best of luck to give your partner the best smooch ever!

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