Happy Dhulandi 2022 wishes & Covid-19 guidelines

Happy Dhulandi 2022 wishes & Covid-19 guidelines
Happy Dhulandi 2022 wishes & Covid-19 guidelines

Dhulandi 2022 is going to be celebrated across the country. We wish you Happy Dhulandi 2022 in advance. As you know corona is still attacking our friends, relatives and family. Therefore, it is very crucial to plan things in advance. You have to follow a set of guidelines.

Private/public celebrations of Holika Dahan & Rang Panchmi amid the covid-19 pandemic is the biggest concern to tackle. Follow these Covid-19 guidelines to play safe Dhulandi 2022:

  • Wear face masks during Dahan & Dhulandi celebrations
  • Confirm that no one is involved in the celebration with signs of cold or fever
  • Avoid playing Dhulandi 2022 if you come across a person with a mild cold or cough. And also avoid playing if you have those symptoms
  • Avoid large gatherings
  • Play with a small group of people
  • Avoid the use of watercolours
  • Play with dry colours only
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Avoid handshakes and hugging
  • It is advised that small children and old people should completely avoid Dhulandi celebrations
  • Don’t consume foods until you take a proper shower

As Covid-19 is a crucial issue that is why we have discussed it before other discussions, now let’s discuss Dhulandi 2022 grand celebration with full energy.

Rangwali Holi (Dhulandi) Celebration in India

Rangwali Holi (Dhulandi) Celebration in India
Rangwali Holi (Dhulandi) Celebration in India

Rangwali Holi is celebrated by applying dry and wet colours on each other’s faces. And cooking delicious sweets like gujiyas and bhang being the most common Food and drink consumed. Including colours, people also celebrate by singing and dancing on drums and dholak.

Dhulandi is not just celebrated inside India but it is also celebrated in other places in South Asia, and even outside Asia. It is also widely celebrated in India’s neighbouring country Nepal. Some other countries include Guyana, Trinidad, Suriname and Tobago, South Africa, Malaysia, Mauritius, Fiji, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand.

What is Dhulandi?

What is Dhulandi?
What is Dhulandi?

According to Hindu calendar, the Dhulandi Festival is held on the second day of Holika Dahan. The celebration is not only popular in Rajasthan, but also in the northern part of India, where it is celebrated with passion and zest. On this day, however, Jaipur witnessed one of the most spectacular festival events. People burn bonfires after sunset on the day before Dhulandi, and the following day they celebrate Dhulandi by playing with colours and water.

This year Dhulandi 2022 will be celebrated on 18th March. Holika Dahan also known as the Holi bonfire, will be organised a day before the Dhulandi festival means on 18th March.

Dhulandi is one of the most influential festivals of Hindus which is marked with special events in Mathura, Barsana and other areas linked to Lord Krishna. It is also the most anticipated celebration in North India.

To celebrate Dhulandi with all your friends and relatives, share these Happy Dhulandi 2022 wishes, messages, greetings on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Happy Dhulandi 2022 wishes, messages, greetings

Happy Dhulandi 2022 wishes & Important Dates
Happy Dhulandi 2022 wishes & Important Dates

Dhulandi wishes in English

  • May this Dhulandi brings happiness, colours, a joy to your life. Happy Dhulandi!
  • Happy Dhulandi to you and your family my dear friend!
  • May you get all the happiness, success, and good health on this occasion. Happy Dhulandi!
  • May your life be full of colours, happiness, and vigour. Happy Dhulandi 2022!
  • May this Dhulandi bring lots and lots of colourful seasons and days in your life filled with plenty of happiness and love. Wish you a very Happy Dhulandi!
  • Let’s throw away the sorrows, negatives as we throw the colours in the air, and renew our love with a bit of romantic colour. Happy Dhulandi!
  • It’s the time to celebrate, enjoy and make a bond with people, sweets, and colours. Happy Dhulandi 2021!
  • Happy Dhulandi 2021 from my family to you and your family. Hope you have a colourful day and a beautiful life.
  • May God give you peace of mind and bless you with good health. Happy Dhulandi!
  • May the year ahead be prosperous and happy and every day as colourful as the day of Dhulandi.
  • May God shower all his blessings upon you and your family on the occasion of Dhulandi.
  • May all the days of the year be as cheerful and colourful as the day of Dhulandi. Happy Dhulandi!
  • Water balloons, water pistols, amazing songs, thandai, and delicious gujiyas are the right way to celebrate Dhulandi.
  • Hope God paints the canvas of your life with the best colours and sparkle. Happy Dhulandi to you and your Family!!
  • Let’s make a bonfire of our pride, negativity, and envy this Dhulandi. Happy Dhulandi!
  • Here comes Dhulandi and it’s time to develop love and understanding for each other. Solve all relationship troubles and be at peace. Happy Dhulandi!
  • May the good always emerge victorious over evil and may you always get all you desire. Happy Dhulandi to you and family!
  • On the occasion of Dhulandi remember to forgive everyone, forget all worries and hate no one. Have a blessed and colourful Dhulandi!

Holika Dahan (Chhoti Holi) Celebration in India

Holika Dahan (Chhoti Holi) Celebration in India
Holika Dahan (Chhoti Holi) Celebration in India

This festival is celebrated during the month of Phalguna, which typically occurs in the month of March. It begins from the Purnima Tithi, which is the last full moon day of the month. On this evening, Holika Dahan is conducted. This is when the models of Holika are made and burnt. Along with this, everyone performs pujas during the Holika Dahan ceremony. Holika Dahan is conducted every year, a day before Rangwali Holi, to memorialise the victory of good over evil. Holika Dahan is also known as Chhoti Holi.

Dhulandi 2022 Date in India

Happy Dhulandi 2022 Wishes in Hindi
Happy Dhulandi 2022 Wishes in Hindi

Dhulandi – The Festival of Colours, is widely celebrated across India. This year, the celebration will start with Holika Dahan that is on March 17, followed by Dhulandi or Rangwali Holi on March 18, 2022.

The festival marks the ending of the winter season and the beginning of the spring season.

Dhulandi wishes in Hindi

Happy Dhulandi 2022 Wishes in Hindi
Happy Dhulandi 2022 Wishes in Hindi
  • Radha ka rang aur Kanha ki pichkari, Pyar ke rang se rang do duniya sari, Ye rang na jaane koi jaat na koi boli, Badhayi ho aapko rang bhari Dhulandi!!
  • Pichkari ki dhaar, gulaal ki bauchhar, Apnon ka pyaar, yahi hai yaaron Dhulandi ka tyohar. Happy Dhulandi!!
  • Kha ke gujiya, pi ke bhang, Laga ke thoda sa rang, Bajake dholak aur mridang, Khele Dhulandi hum tere sang. Dhulandi ki dheron shubh kamnayein.
  • Niklo galiyon me bana kar toli, Bhiga do aaj har ek ki jholi, Koi muskara de to use gale laga lo, Varna nikal lo laga ke rang, keh ke Happy Dhulandi!!
  • Rango ka tyohaar aaya hai, Saath apne khushiyan laya hai, Isse pehle koi rang de aapko, Humne subh kamnaon ka rang, sabse pehle bhijwaya hai. Happy Dhulandi.
  • Mere aur mere pariwar ki or se aapko Dhulandi ke pavan avsar par dheron shubh kamnayein.

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