How to peel a pumpkin easily?

How to peel a pumpkin easily
How to peel a pumpkin easily

Now that we enter Autumn, pumpkin dishes are a regular on our tables. From pumpkin puree to pumpkin pie, all of these recipes have one step in common that is very difficult to perform: Peel the pumpkin. If you have tried it on some occasion, you will have noticed that the skin of the pumpkin is hard and also its oval shapes do not help us to pass the knife easily. If you want to eat pumpkin, but you want to avoid having to buy this vegetable already peeled, don’t worry, in this article we present an efficient way to peel a pumpkin easily?

How to peel a pumpkin?

To be able to perform this trick you will only need a microwave, a knife and a normal vegetable peeler.

First of all, we will have to cut the bottom and the top of the pumpkin with a large kitchen knife. Once we have freed our pumpkin from both parts, we will proceed to pierce the skin with the knife. (You don’t need to make too many punctures, about 15 for a normal-sized pumpkin.)

Now we will have to put the pumpkin in a microwave for 3 minutes at maximum power. When you take the pumpkin out, let it cool for a while, you will notice that the skin has lost its hardness, and as incredible as it may seem, now you can easily peel it with the peeler you use for other vegetables.

You can quickly remove all the strips of skin and also, you will have already cooked the pumpkin a little so that it will need to spend less time in the oven or in the pan later. With this trick, you can easily enjoy this rich and healthy food. Forget fighting a pumpkin again!

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