10 good reasons to sleep

10 good reasons to sleep
10 good reasons to sleep

Many experts consider that a good rest is even more relevant than a good diet. We will discover why it is so important to sleep or good reasons to sleep.

Many tips are given to sleep better and ensure a restful sleep of about 7 or 8 hours a day, but why do we put so much emphasis on this topic?

Good reasons to sleep

We explain 10 good reasons to sleep and avoid possible health problems caused by lack of sleep:

  1. The brain detoxifies when you sleep: the lymphatic system eliminates waste created during the day (such as amyloid-beta protein, directly related to Alzheimer’s).
  2. With only one night of lack of sleep, the correct segregation of ghrelin/leptin is altered. This means that the next day we feel less satiety / increased hunger. And, in the long run, this ends up contributing to weight gain. So if you want to control your weight, you have to sleep.
  3. Not sleeping decreases both physical performance (you will be much more tired) and mental (cognition and memory problems).
  4. Sleep deprivation contributes to an increase in low-grade chronic inflammation.
  5. A bad rest makes us metabolize glucose worse and it stays longer in the blood, which contributes to insulin resistance/obesity/diabetes.
  6. Not sleeping well worsens mood and favours a strong state of irritability.
  7. An increase in certain diseases such as cardiovascular problems, tumour processes, cellular ageing, immunosuppression, metabolic disorders, etc. They can be caused by a lack of sleep.
  8. Not sleeping reduces testosterone and growth hormone levels.
  9. Chronic stress and depression can be increased by a lack of sleep.
  10. Poor rest increases fertility problems.

Now, you have some good reasons to sleep, so do not skip your sleeping hours for avoiding health issues and stay tuned for more updates.

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