Grand Theft Auto: GTA 6 new features leaked online

Grand Theft Auto GTA 6 new features leaked online, likely to get a unique theme

Every week, a new leak from the next-gen GTA action game appears online, indicating that GTA 6 is still years away from its official release. Gossip hub hotspot Tom Henderson has added some fresh information to the rumour mill.

Another Grand Theft Auto game could have a distinct setting, with two protagonists.
the uncorrupted flow of information indicates that Tom Henderson believes GTA 6 will include a cryptocurrency-like concept. There were a number of rumours claiming GTA 6 would have a single protagonist, however, the leaker responding to those allegations is now saying that GTA 6 will feature two protagonists, one male and one female.

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My friend just told me that in GTA 6, there will be missions that reward players with bitcoin for finishing them. Tom said, “I heard recently that in GTA 6, some missions will reward you in bitcoin instead of cash for completing some missions. The stock market feature will return, with the addition of a broker for different cryptocurrencies.”

Although that was said, the rumour has it that GTA 6 would use next-gen technologies from Rockstar Games. During a recent GDC presentation in 2021, Rockstar Games reported that they were researching machine learning techniques. Additionally, it is claimed that the horses have approximately 3,000 animations that have been applied to 23 distinct movement styles. It is speculated that after significant modifications for Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games may raise the bar once again.

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The latest rumours claim that GTA 6 will include a Vice City-style layout and will likely be set in Miami. The codename “Project Americas” has been applied to the next Grand Theft Auto game, and it will include locations like Vice City and Rio de Janeiro. In other news, screenshots of a new instalment of the GTA series that first surfaced online in late April showed a player flying over the fictional city of Vice City in a cropduster aircraft. At the moment, it seems like the devs are actively working on the continuing glitches in GTA Online. The much-awaited next action-adventure game from Rockstar Games will most likely be released as late as 2025.

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