Download CBSE sample paper(2021-22) Class 10 and12

Download CBSE sample paper(2021-22) Class 10 and12

The sample papers for CBSE Board Exams 2021-22, for class 10 and 12, have been published. Those who are interested in downloading sample papers may find them on the official CBSE site, at

Download Mathematics CBSE sample paper(2021-22) Class 10 and12

The Class 10 and 12 sample papers have been published by the Central Board of Secondary Education for the next CBSE Board Exams in 2021-22. For Class 10 and Class 12, sample papers for the first term have been published. The sample papers may be downloaded from the official CBSE site,

Both Class 10 and Class 12 classes have received sample papers for all courses. As well as providing sample papers, the Board has made available the grading system. Students may download sample test papers in order to study.

Direct link to download Class 12 Sample Papers

Direct link to download Class 10 Sample Papers

How to get Class 10, 12 sample papers

The following instructions will let applicants download the sample papers.

  • To learn more about CBSE Academic, check out their official site at
  • Click on the 2021-22 CBSE Board Exams This website has a sample paper accessible on the bar at the top.
  • Candidates may get a downloadable sample of the topic they’re interested in from a new page.

To retain a physical copy, download the sample paper.
Having a look at the sample papers should give applicants a good notion of what kind of questions they will be facing in the board test. To learn more, interested applicants should visit the official CBSE site.

Benefits of New CBSE Sample Paper:

Students may quickly learn about the new exam pattern and other important information connected to the upcoming CBSE board exam 2021 by referencing the sample paper provided by the board.

Because the CBSE Class 10th & 12th board exam has been totally restructured with multiple choice questions to be answered instead of traditional paper-and-pencil examinations, the CBSE Sample Papers are all the more important.

If you are preparing for the CBSE board exams, you will need to utilise the CBSE Sample Paper and CBSE Marking Scheme successfully.

Other Resources Besides CBSE Sample Paper:

Some of the other important sources of preparation for the CBSE board exams in 2021 include the CBSE syllabus from the previous year and upcoming CBSE question papers. Questions in CBSE board exams have followed certain topic matter in prior years.

By looking at past papers, you’ll learn about what has been asked in the past, which may inform questions in upcoming board exams in both the 10th and 12th grade. Important CBSE Syllabus has grown in importance, in comparison to CBSE Sample Papers, for the exam preparation.


How to access CBSE Sample Paper 2021-22 based on multiple-choice questions?