After a long time clubhouse is now available on Play Store for Android mobile users. The clubhouse is finally out of beta testing, this means users can now download the app and start using it.

If you are wondering, how to get started with the app, then download clubhouse and follow our step-by-step guide:

What is Clubhouse – Is it now available on the Play Store for Android mobile users?

An audio-based social media platform that offers people to gather around a voice call in real-time and have a discussion, regular conversations, meeting and more.

How to download Clubhouse on Android?

1. Open Google Play Store

2. Tap on Search and type Clubhouse

3. From the result, tap on your app i.e “Clubhouse: Drop-in audio app”

4. Hit the Install button

How to create a new account on Clubhouse

2. Tap on “Get your username”
3. Enter a phone number and One-Time-Password received
4. Enter your first and last name
5. Now, choose a username.

After completing all these steps, as soon as your account will be ready, Clubhouse will send you a text message on your same phone number that you have provided.

How to sign in to Clubhouse app

1. Open Clubhouse app

2. Enter your phone number plus OTP received to sign in to the Clubhouse account. Alternatively, you can use the Single sign-on login method and Google login as well.

Clubhouse on Play Store for Android mobile users: Let’s now something about Clubhouse Rooms.

How to start a new Room in Clubhouse

1. Check the bottom of the Screen
2. Locate and Tap on Start a Room button
3. Choose the Room type (Open, Social and Closed)
4. Tap on Choose people
5. Select contacts you want to add in
6. Hit Done.

How to join a Room on Clubhouse

To join a room, simply follow these steps:

1. Make sure you are on your home screen

2. Tap on a topic option to join

How to Leave a Room on Clubhouse

You can easily leave the room on clubhouse by tapping on the “Leave Quietly” button.

Finally, Clubhouse is now available on Google Play Store for Android mobile users, so make sure to download and enjoy the new social media platform.

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