Cardi B showed her face without makeup

Cardi B without makeup
Cardi B without makeup

Cardi B without makeup

Cardi B showed her face without makeup and responded to haters about her natural beauty. Popular American rapper Cardi B is always as open and honest with her fans as possible.

The 28-year-old star does not hesitate to show how she looks without a ton of makeup, and now she also has a reason to show off her unpainted face, because she has lost her skin problems. So, on the Instagram page, the celebrity posted a video where she appeared immediately after sleeping with unkempt hair and admitted that she was happy.


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Cardi B showed her face without makeup

“This is my face without filters, my hair is unkempt, my lips are chapped. You see and know all the little spots on my face. I woke up 20 minutes ago. But I am confident in myself.” Cardi B said.

Cardi also responded to the haters that she feels so good that she doesn’t pay attention to their comments. After all, whether without a make-up or with – the star feels 100%. She added that the haters humiliate her only because they do not want to come to terms with her success.

Cardi B also added this in the caption, “This is my face after wakin up 20 minutes ago, no filter, hair not brushed, lip chap all that. I never been afraid to show my real self. When YOU ON TOP the miserable and the ugly love to screenshot pictures while you in motion then criticize your face. I’m confident in my own skin. You bitches need to ask ya self if ya confidence in ya self enought that ya gotta try to bring bitches down for a hobby that’s winning and in their 20s.”

We’ve put together a collection of the 16 most surprising and funny pictures of Cardi B without her makeup


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