CD Projekt RED source code auction

Yesterday it became known that hackers carried out a large-scale attack on the internal servers of CD Projekt RED. As a result, they claim to have gained access to the source code of the studio’s games, and also encrypted the systems, demanding a ransom. Earlier a post appeared on one of the hacker forums with a link to the Gwent sources, but it was quickly blocked, so there is no way to check. Now it turned out that the hackers are planning to hold a CD Projekt RED source code auction, putting the sources of The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 up for sale.

The starting bid is $ 1000. The hackers claim that among the files of The Witcher 3 there is an unreleased version of the game – presumably an improved version for PS5 and Xbox Series with ray tracing. In addition, there is the Thronebreaker code, the RED Engine and internal developer documents.

The attackers insist that they will only conduct a “sale” in one place, and any other auctions are fake.

Meanwhile, various sites like 4Chan and file hosting services like Mega are doing everything to prevent the distribution of links and files stolen from CD Projekt RED.

If any such auction will occur, CD Projekt RED could face enormous damage.

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