8 books you must read

8 books you must read

We all read books, some beg to differ. So, what is a book actually? & Which 8 books you must read?

To be part of the story you read in your mind with your creative building gives you a surreal experience. A book gives to its owner whenever he/she wants it. Books have been in our for thousands of years, to be a part of this history we only thank book, that holds this information for ages to read and learn.

No one can read all of them, but one can achieve something is a very few. If you know what to read, the toughest part is over as a good book or should I say amazing books just grasp your attention from the first page itself. Every book has its own journey and a lesson to convey to its audience, sometimes a dream.

We a group here at The Flash update decided to come up with a must-read book collection for your comfort.

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A must-read book, it will take you on a journey of self-exploration and would help you “find your flow”. It talks about the purpose a man should possess to make change and growth, with ways to manifest it in your lifestyle.

8 books you must read

Los Angeles Times bestseller discusses many Japanese concepts like Takumi and Moai. It is a very well written modern-day psychology with application. A short read which would lead you to happiness in life through simple and meaningful living.

Number of pages: 208

The Great Indian Conspiracy

A real story about world conspiracies surrounding terrorism and saffron terrorism by Praveen Tiwari. This book bursts the myth of saffron terrorism and conspiracy of politicians for the sake of political growth. It is well-investigated and extensively detailed for a political mystery lover.

8 books you must read


The book amplifies the Hindu terror construct by the UPA government. It is a very good read for people who are interested in a non-bias opinion on these topics.

A decent read with 292 pages which isn’t a challenge as Praveen Tiwari excels and produces a must-read.

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Shiva trilogy

A story about Meluha, by Amish Tripathi, portrays Shiva the fabled saviour of the tribe and their culture. This is an unbelievable piece written with simplicity and has shown Shiva a mere human who excels in his skills and intelligence, using it, he leads his way to become The Mahadev.

8 books you must read

It is a three-book series that captures the geography of Indus valley civilization incorporated quite smoothly into the story. It has comedy, passion, rage, emotions and a soul to connect with its the reader. It is highly recommended.

The art of war

A book which is was published in the 5th century BC, written by Sun Tzu. A lesson in itself, this book shows how a commander should lead and make a valuable contribution against an enemy. It is a Chinese book written to master the art of war.

Number of pages: 252

8 books you must read

It gives its reader a perspective of a leader, how he should think, analyze, strategize, act and lead. It is useful in personal life as well as the author highlights how a mam should conduct his life with the most efficiency.

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A masterpiece that will make you see and feel the situation of the pages. A new approach to writing with the bold decision made by the author to let freedom be seen in a new way. It is a dystopian based novel presenting the troubles of life in a very gritty manner.

8 books you must read

It is a decent read with 310 pages long story except for the formalities.

“Under the spreading Chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me”-1984 by George Orwell, writing is soulful and mesmerizing to observe.

The girl who knew too much

A brilliant romantic tale by a talented author Vikrant Khanna. Bollywood has some effect on this book but it fits perfectly to meet its reader and take them to a journey which you will surely remember. Just a heads up though, it not very mysterious as a project on The Lord of the rings

8 books you must read

The story revolves in a smooth manner with emotions ranging from suspense to love, then to guilt, pleasure and hope to follow it all. A beautiful crafter narration to top it all off, a bestseller is a good tale packed in 224 pages.

The lord of the rings

I believe this has to be in every top 10, a mind-blowing tale of hobbits and magic by J.R.R. Tolkien. A story so well crafted and stitched together, it makes it such an effortless read. You’ll go through it so fast and will be hooked to it.

“One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” – The Lord of the rings

8 books you must read

It’s a long read with 1728 pages of gold but an effortless one. The books are so well bound and leatherette! It’s extremely beautiful. We recommend you to go for this must-read thriller. There is a movie trilogy of this series, you can go for that as well.

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Little women

A story about sisters and their family, how they go through dramatic problems which makes the story run in so many directions but still staying true to its soul. A story of a writer, it’s not easy to be a good writer. A must-read for anyone who is looking to explore subtle story narration by the author Louisa May Alcott

8 books you must read

Heartbreak, hope, aggression, heartwarming, many such emotions you will experience through this book. A 552 pages long tale of Christmas.

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