16 facts about dogs that will surprise you

Fact about DOGS
Fact about DOGS

Here in this article, you are going to learn about 16 facts about dogs that will surprise you, let’s dive in…

16 facts about dogs that will surprise you

  1. Service dogs learn to distinguish their working hours. When they are wearing the harness they know that it is time to work. When the harness has been removed, the dogs immediately become playful. When you come across a service dog, don’t say hello! He’s working and you could distract him;)
  2. Dogs don’t enjoy cuddling the way humans do. According to us, hugs are wonderful and express support, love, joy and other emotions, but for canids, interpretation differs and can be a stressor. Unlike us, dogs did not evolve that way, they do not have arms and do not hug.
  3. Dogs are capable of understanding more than 250 words and gestures, they can count to 5 and do simple mathematical calculations. The mental capacities of the average dog are similar to those of a two-year-old.
  4. The whiskers of dogs are located on the sides of the nose, above the upper lip, on the chin, on the forehead just above the eyes, on the sides of the head at a medium height between the eyes and below the snout. They are highly sensitive to air currents and vibrations. They allow them to react quickly when something rubs against them and even detect dangerous surfaces or objects. They are as sensitive as the tips of our fingers.
  5. The learning that a dog could gain through positive training can last a lifetime. Education focused on positive reinforcement fosters cognitive processes that strengthen behaviour with pleasant consequences. For example, if a dog lies down and at that moment receives a small piece of food, he will tend to lie down more frequently to receive the food. Then, you will be using positive reinforcement to teach him to lie down. 
  6. The popular belief that dogs have strong and sturdy necks is not entirely true. It is true that some robust dogs have a greater muscular volume in the neck but that factor does not mean that they are wearing steel armour. Pulling them with the strap attached to the collar and carrying them by the skin are situations that can cause numerous injuries in the neck area, with serious consequences in the short, medium and long term.
  7. All dogs are born unable to see or hear. Smell and touch is the most important thing for a newborn.
  8. Spiked dog collars (belt type) were an invention of the ancient Greeks. They were specially designed to protect the neck of dogs from attacks by wolves and other animals.
  9. Dogs drink water by forming a type of spoon with their tongue.
  10. Two stray dogs saved the lives of 50 American soldiers during their stay in Afghanistan. A group on Facebook managed to raise 21 thousand dollars to be able to take them to the USA.

6 More facts about dogs that you will love to know

  1. The only way to know a dog’s body temperature is by using a rectal thermometer.
  2. Many of Russia’s stray dogs have learned to use the subway in order to reach the most populated places (downtown) in search of food.
  3. Adopting a senior dog is simple: Most senior dogs have a defined personality. That allows you to choose a Super Puppy that is 100% compatible with you 🙂 A senior dog has so much to teach us because he knows perfectly who they are and what they want in life.
  4. There is a dog-shaped building in Tirau, New Zealand.
  5. For children who stutter, talking with your dog can help overcome speech difficulties.
  6. When a puppy hiccups it will usually be a sign that he is cold;) 

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