Petrol prices in India are at new highs: Here are fuel prices in your city today

Petrol prices in India are at new highs: Here are fuel prices in your city today
Petrol prices in India are at new highs: Here are fuel prices in your city today

Petrol prices in India are at new highs

Petrol prices in Delhi

Fuel prices maintained their skyward momentum across the nation and crawled to fresh new highs on February 15, 2021. In Delhi, the petrol prices was increased by 26 paise per litre, while diesel oil got more expensive by 29 paise per litre.

Following Monday’s hike, petrol presently costs Rs 88.99 a litre in Delhi while diesel oil costs Rs 79.35. In Mumbai, petrol price presently stands at Rs 95.46 while diesel at Rs 86.34.

Petrol prices in Rajasthan

In Sri Ganganagar district, Rajasthan, petrol rose to Rs 99.56 and diesel bounced to Rs 91.48 a litre.

Petrol and diesel rates vary from state to state and charges are imposed on them by both the state governments as well as the central government. Rajasthan, which imposes the highest VAT on petrol and diesel fuel in the country, had the costliest petrol and diesel fuel in the country.

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Last week, Dharmendra Pradhan (Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister ) in a reply in Rajya Sabha had said that management was not currently looking at lowering taxes on petrol and diesel.

Fuel prices are updated on a regular basis in line with benchmark worldwide price and foreign exchange rates.

Here’s what you have to pay per litre of petrol and diesel in your area on Monday, February 15, 2021:

Petrol Price in your area:

City Petrol (Rs/litre) Diesel (Rs/litre)
New Delhi 88.99 79.35
Mumbai 95.46 86.34
Kolkata 90.25 82.94
Chennai 91.19 84.44
Bengaluru 91.97 84.12
Hyderabad 92.53 86.55
Patna 91.38 84.57
Jaipur 95.44 87.69
Lucknow 87.64 79.72
Thiruvananthapuram 90.87 85.30
Source: Indian Oil Corporation 

Well, these rates are for today only, may they will increase or decrease tomorrow. So that is why we are going to tell you, “how to check petrol price in any area of India?“. So here are some methods:

Checking Petrol/Diesel Price at your nearest IndianOil Petrol Pump

Check Petrol/Diesel Rates using Pump Locator

Using the Petrol Pump Locator, you can check various services offered at petrol pumps. Click here to locate a petrol pump that is nearest to you.

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Download IndianOil ONE Mobile App

You can also download the App to find the nearest IndianOil petrol pump in your area. You can also track fuel prices on this app.

Download from Google Play Store

Download from Apple App Store

Check Petrol price by sending SMS to 92249 92249

To get the prices of Petrol and Diesel in your area/city/town for the day. You can SMS “RSP <space>Dealer Code of Petrol Pump” to 92249 92249.

Like, SMS “RSP 102072” to 92249 92249. This is for petrol and diesel prices in the national capital.

As an easy source, we have given Dealer Codes of 41 locations:

S.No. City SMS Text S.No. City SMS Text
1 Petrol price in New Delhi RSP 102072 2 Petrol price in Kolkata RSP 119941
3 Petrol price in Mumbai RSP 108412 4 Petrol price in Chennai RSP 133593
5 Petrol price in Faridabad RSP 102287 6 Petrol price in Gurgaon RSP 102082
7 Petrol price in Noida RSP 155444 8 Petrol price in Ghaziabad RSP 154410
9 Petrol price in Agartala RSP 159850 10 Petrol price in Aizwal RSP 160181
11 Petrol price in Ambala RSP 102049 12 Petrol price in Bangalore RSP 118219
13 Petrol price in Bhopal RSP 169398 14 Petrol price in Bhubhaneswar RSP 124305
15 Petrol price in Chandigarh RSP 102790 16 Petrol price in Dehradun RSP 161143
17 Petrol price in Gandhinagar RSP 218671 18 Petrol price in Gangtok RSP 159289
19 Petrol price in Guwahati RSP 159571 20 Petrol price in Hyderabad RSP 134483
21 Petrol price in Imphal RSP 159875 22 Petrol price in Itanagar RSP 160647
23 Petrol price in Jaipur RSP 123143 24 Petrol price in Jammu RSP 108726
25 Petrol price in Jullunder RSP 108743 26 Petrol price in Kohima RSP 160154
27 Petrol price in Lucknow RSP 155054 28 Petrol price in Panjim RSP 125676
29 Petrol price in Patna RSP 166873 30 Petrol price in Pondicherry RSP 135299
31 Petrol price in Port Blair RSP 220191 32 Petrol price in Raipur RSP 169751
33 Petrol price in Ranchi RSP 166751 34 Petrol price in Shillong RSP 159828
35 Petrol price in Shimla RSP 109295 36 Petrol price in Srinagar RSP 109536
37 Petrol price in Trivandrum RSP 124923 38 Petrol price in Silvasa RSP 112114
39 Petrol price in Daman RSP 177747 40 Petrol price in Vijayawada RSP 127611
41 Petrol price in Visakhapatnam RSP 127290

Please note that:

  • Price changes for fuels are effected at 6 am every day.
  • Dealer codes of specific petrol pump are displayed on each petrol pump premises.
  • The details received via SMS are only suggestive in nature for a specific location.
  • For further assistance, one can call on a toll-free number 1800-2333-555.

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